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The Truthophobes: Cutting Down Evil Group was formed with the aim of exposing the truth about Islam, which the Left Wing dominated media refuse to share and to which the majority of politicians are afraid to speak out, due to Political Correctness. 

The Group has evolved to be a voice of truth against the three movements threatening our nation: - Cultural Marxism, Globalism and Islam


The Truthophobes is a group of everyday people from all walks of life and beliefs who are not afraid to stand up and expose the evils threatening our nation.

The Truthophobes Group abides by the laws of the land as it educates and advocates against the threats our nation is facing. This is in stark contrast to Left Wing extremists and many followers of Islam who frequently break the law to implement and impose their political agenda.

The Truthophobes Group is also disturbed by the flagrant abuse and disregard for our laws by the Left and many followers of Islam, as well as the apparent disinterest of our government leaders and judicial system to enforce the laws we currently do have to manage the developing rise in crime/social unrest.

Speak up against evil
Cultural Marxists are the traitors within
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