Islam's Abuse of Women​​​
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The horrific practice is carried out using only a razor blade and bottle of ethanol. The whole time the girl is tied down with rope on a rough piece of plastic.
“We sit down the girl, someone blindfolds her and lays her on the ground, then we cut, we cut three times, then you put the [alcohol], you… pour it on the wound. The [alcohol] is a bit painful but it stops the bleeding. We blindfold them and put hands over their mouths. 
They don’t even scream because if they do, their age mates will despise them. So they hold it back and endure the pain. They can’t make noise because of what other girls might think of them.”
The torture doesn’t end after the cutting is over. The girls endure even more cruelty afterwards.......cont'

Why isn't the left wing feminist movement in an uproar about moslem men abusing women in this way?


Stupid question since feminists don't care about women, they just hate men and support the Marxist agenda to which islam is the vehicle to overthrowing the West.