Evil Fears The Truth

Those who support the causes of evil are Truthophobes 

Truth is the weapon to defeat evil and the following tasks have been designed to use the truth to attack and expose Truthophobes: 

Cultural Marxism, Islam and Globalism 

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TASK 1  - Speak the truth and share it with others

                "Speak the truth even if your voice shakes".


                      Share the quality material from these links with others and awaken them to the truth                        https://www.facebook.com/TruthophobesCuttingDownEvil/   (Truthophobes Community Page)

                         https://www.truthophobes.com/   (Home Page of the Truthophobes Website)

                         https://www.truthophobes.com/cultural-marxism  (People must awaken to Cultural Marxism)

                         https://ssalok.wixsite.com/ssalok   (Children must be protected)

                         https://www.facebook.com/RiteOnAU/   (A Group to combat Get-Up Traitors)

                         https://freedomandheritage.org.au/   The FREEDOM & HERITAGE Society of Australia LTD


TASK 2  - Help inform our youth of the truth

                The truth they won't hear from left wing educational institutions


TASK 3  - Expose the truth on media pages


TASK 4 - Expose mohammed's true character


TASK 5  - Communicate with politicians, organisations & individuals


TASK 6  - Learn more and act on what you learn 


TASK 7  - Act on Truthophobes Call to Action Tasks

                Latest Tasks announced on the Home Page of the Truthophobes website 


TASK 8 -  Join a Conservative Political Party


TASK 9 -  Stop buying halal certified products


TASK 10 - Protect freedom of speech & oppose political correctness


TASK 11 - Expose the truth using: the Truthophobes #Campaigns


TASK 12 - Speak up against the taxpayer-funded left-wing biased

                 ABC & SBS


TASK 13 - Lodge an official complaint to the Australian Human Rights





"Not to act is to act" 

TASK 14 - Speak up against educational institutions indoctrinating

                 youth with the left wing Marxist ideology.

TASK 15 - Target key organisations / individuals to expose & discredit

TASK 16 - Letter Box drop the truth

TASK 17 - Expose the truth about the quran

TASK 18 - Advocate for the banning of the Muslim Brotherhood & 

                 Hizb ut-Tahrir

TASK 19 - Advocate against islamic immigration

                islam is a misfit with our democratic way of life

TASK 20 - Speak up against islams abuse of women and children

TASK 21 - Expose islams crimes and advocate islam is a political ideology with religious aspects and must lose its protection from Section 116 of the Australian Constitution. 


TASK 22 - Advocate for a Senate Inquiry into Sharia and awaken                           people to the threat of Sharia


TASK 23 - Advocate the Banning the Burqa educate about the hijab


TASK 24 - Speak up against Foreign aid to islamic nations


TASK 25  - Speak up against Christian Persecution

TASK 26 - Engage with moslems and convert them to Christianity


TASK 28 - Protect Australia's Sovereignty. Australia to leave the                           Paris Agreement. Advocate Australia leave the UN


TASK 29 - Expose the real agenda behind Climate Change Fraud and

                 how lefty science is junk science


TASK 30 - Protect important events that are part of the Australian

                 Culture:   Australia Day,  Anzac DayChristmas


TASK 31 - Share Words of Wisdom and Inspiration to stand up against

                 EVIL.  Motivate others to speak up


TASK 32 - Use the "Safe Schools, Australian Law & Our Kids Website

                 to speak up and protect children from Marxist radical

                 gender theory.


Protect Australia's Sovereignty

TASK 33 - Stop the mosques.  Protect your local area and Speak up                   against corrupt councils and a government that permits                     the growth of sharia. 


TASK 34 - Make islam in Australia and other Western Nations a                           political issue. Contact all political candidates,                                   particularly moslem candidates and question them about                   Sharia  - Are you obdurate and condemn sharia?


TASK 35 - Educate Generations Y and Z about the evils of                                   socialism and counteract the indoctrination of a

                 left-wing education system .


TASK 36 - Send a letter of protest to companies financially

                 supporting islam, the implementation of sharia and

                 indirectly terrorism through halal certification fees


TASK 37 - Awaken Liberalists to the true agenda of Cultural

                 Marxism, as Marxists push for paedophilia to be an

                 acceptable human condition.

Political islam - Sharia