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The key to saving Western Culture from the attack of Marxists and Islam is to expose Liberalists to the truth and challenge them on how Islam and Marxism don't support the core Liberalism principles of Liberty (Freedom) and Equality. 

Liberalists must awaken to the influence of the far left and how it has moved many Liberals away from the core principles of Liberalism, to supporting Cultural Marxist Social Justice Principles and subsequently the Marxist political agenda.



By Bruce Knight  Founding Member of the Truthophobes Group


The Leftist mindset (in all its versions from lefty Liberalism to Communism) is the largest inhibitor to standing against the Islamisation of Western countries. Leftist mindsets are the facilitators for Islam worldwide and a great many other nonsensical social problems which are part of the Cultural Marxist political agenda.


The Marxist left where Cultural Marxism grew in the USA during the 1960’s is the origin of modern Islamism as much as ancient Islam. Cultural Marxist ‘Critical Theory” identifies Islam as a minority oppressed groups, to be used as a tool to march through the institutions, to cut the Judeo-Christian values Western Civilisation is rooted on.


















To stop the fall of the West to Islam and/or Communism, Liberalists must awaken to the political agenda of Cultural Marxism and the truth of the Quran and Sunna of mohammed. If the liberal left supported the Western World, “as it did in World War II and the Korean War, the growth and influence of Islam and Marxism would be controlled with little or no impact on Western Culture. However, the world's Left and Left-leaning media have created a more friendly world for anti-West hatreds like Islamism and Communism to flourish.


Cultural Marxism’s weapon of silence Political Correctness has hamstrung western world leaders from speaking up against Islam and has resulted in Islam being given an underserved privileged status, assisting its spread. With the awakening of Liberalists, the war against Islam and Marxism will be won. For It will be political suicide for major political parties not to listen to the voice of the vast majority of people, which will be the case when Liberalists and Conservatives eventually join forces to unite to stand against a common foe. Already Liberalists are awakening and walking away #WalkAway


Key Objective

Liberalists have been blinded by Cultural Marxism and lost sight of the core principles of Liberalism. The key objective is to engage with Liberalists and open their eyes to the truth, so they unite with Conservatives to stand against both the Islamic ideology and Marxist political agenda which are attacking Judeo-Christian values, with the aim of destroying Western Culture



Liberalism's core principles stand for liberty (freedom) and equality.


Liberalism, as the name implies, is the fundamental belief in a political ideal where individuals are free to pursue their own goals, in their own ways, provided they do not infringe on the equal liberty of others.


Those proclaiming to be Liberalists need to examine the core principles of Liberalism and awaken to the truth of how these core principles have been hijacked by a new form of Liberalism promoting postmodernism and social justice principles.


Social justice Principles favour measures that aim at decreasing or eliminating inequity; promoting inclusiveness of diversity; and establishing environments that are supportive of all people.


Social Justice Principles promote and support the Cultural Marxist political agenda and the islamic ideology as they manipulate Liberal ideals to attack the core principals of (Liberty)freedom and equality.  Left Wing political correctness has resulted in social justice warriors promoting inclusiveness of diversity at the expense of Western values and institutions. Anybody who disagrees or has an alternative viewpoint to the Social Justice Warriors (SJW) are attacked as being a bigot , racist , Islamophobe or homophobe. This is not what the core principles of Liberalism stand for.


Liberalists need to question and challenge the Cultural Marxist political agenda to discover how its main objective is power and the overthrow of Western countries for Marxist regimes. Regimes opposed to Liberalism core principles of liberty (freedom) and equality.


Liberalists need to stop undermining the Judeo-Christian values Western Countries are founded on and awaken to how the core principles of Liberalism are better supported by a Western Democratic system of government, as opposed to Socialism , Communism and Islam.


Liberalists need to question and challenge organisations that once stood for liberty and equality but are now Cultural Marxist tools for change, advocating an attack on Judeo Christian values to undermine the foundations of a Western country, so a Communist utopia can be established.  

  • The left-wing Feminist Movement is no longer focused on equality for women. The agenda is identity politics and white man-hating.

  • The left-wing Gay Community is no longer focused on gay rights. It’s agenda is to attack the institution of the family with an ever-increasing LGBT alphabet. Now a "P" is being advocated as an additional letter to acknowledge acceptance of paedophiles who abuse and/or rape children.

  • The left-wing Animal Liberationist groups ignore the barbaric atrocities of Cultural Marxism’s identified oppressed group, islam (ie halal slaughter and treatment of dogs), however, focus on attacking Western countries trade of animals.




The basis for liberal beliefs is 'Individual Liberty" and the importance of the individual, his/her rights and responsibilities.

  • Liberalism demands tolerance of various opinions and, most difficult of all, of opinions that are different from our own. A famous writer once said: “I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”


  • An Individual must be free to lead the life they want to lead, provided that in doing so they do not limit someone else’s freedom.


  • Is a woman under sharia free to lead the life she wants to lead?

  • Is a Christian in an Islamic country free to worship their religion?

  • Are Cultural Marxists abusing the concept of freedom when pushing for the acceptance of pedosexuality when its an unequal relationship of power between an adult and a child?


  • A founding principal of Liberalism is the fundamental human right to equality which in short is equality before the law and equality of opportunity.

    • Does Islam support the Liberal principle of equality with its treatment of women and young girls?

    • Does the left wing Cultural Marxist politically correct agenda advocate for equality when it promotes white Christian heterosexual man-hating. Does it support freedom and equality when those who oppose identity politics are called bigots, racists, homophobes or islamophobes ?


Liberalism supports fundamental human rights that the individual deserves to enjoy as a human being and member of a society. These include such things as the right to human dignity, life, freedom from slavery, freedom of religion, freedom of belief, freedom of expression, freedom of association and so forth. The right to freedom from slavery is an absolute right that cannot be limited. But what about freedom of expression? A famous example of a limitation here is that one cannot allow people to shout “fire” in a crowded theatre when there is no fire. Doing so would cause a panic and people would get hurt trying to get out. However, liberals are usually very much against limiting freedom of expression, or censorship, because it is often used by governments to suppress people and views that differ from what the government wants people to believe or say.

  • Liberalists need to question left-wing Cultural Marxist politically correct censorship of free speech which opposes the Liberalist position of freedom of expression or censorship.

  • Liberalists need to question their support for Islam which has no tolerance for the fundamental human right of freedom of religion. Christians across the world are being killed by moslems and Christian churches are being desecrated or burnt down.

  • Liberalists need to challenge Islam on its killing or threats to kill moslems who leave Islam (Apostasy). The only freedom of belief in Islam is the freedom to become a moslem. 

  • Liberalists need to challenge Islam on the fundamental human right of freedom from slavery. Slavery exists in Islam with captured non-moslem women being abused as sex slaves.


The liberal recognizes that in order to live together in peace, they must accommodate the sincerely held beliefs of others who understand the world very differently but who also desire peaceful and productive coexistence. Exceptions arise when some party takes their deeply held beliefs to be inconsistent with the pluralistic peace and acts on those beliefs through violence or threats of violence.


Liberals need to examine the Islamic faith and its violence and threats of violence which challenge peace and coexistence. Violence not perpetrated by lone wolf moslems with mental conditions, as Western leaders excusing and appeasing Islam publicly announce after a terrorist attack. Islamic violence perpetrates form the Medina Quran where mohammed instructs his followers to wage war and kill non-believers.


Liberalist beliefs support the 'The Rule of Law' also termed "government under law'.

This can’t exist in tyrannies or totalitarian states such as Islam or Communism as they do not allow equality under the law and judicial independence.



A liberal democracy observes the rule of law, which limits the power of the state and ensures judicial independence. It employs a system of constitutional checks and balances to enable public scrutiny of government actions and to ensure that a government does not have absolute power to do whatever it pleases.



Liberalists need to examine and challenge the Cultural Marxist Political agenda (establish a Communist utopia) and the Islamic ideology (Sharia law) on the grounds of the Liberalist core belief of 'The Rule of Law'.



A liberal democracy prizes pluralism and tolerance. It sees dissent and disagreement as being normal and even as something positive. A majority might be right or wrong. If it is wrong, it is the process of open discussion and debate between people of different convictions and opinions that can put things right. Without discussion, there is no way to find out what people want and what better solutions there might be.



Liberalists need to ask Does Communism and Islam support a pluralistic and tolerant society??
Truthophobes Objective 7
Cultural Marxism
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My Will Protect Children from Paedophilia


Task 1

Using the information on this #AwakenLiberalists Campaign Page ask questions to awaken and challenge Liberalists to how Islam and Cultural Marxism don't support the core principles of Liberalism – Liberty (Freedom) and Equality.


Task 2    (Truthophobes Action Task 11)

 Expose and confront the Cultural Marxist agenda with strategically designed #Campaigns which expose the lies and tactics of the left





Task 3  (Truthophobes Action Task 3)

Challenge the left controlled media and awaken Liberalists with comments exposing Islam and Cultural Marxism and challenging Liberalist Core Principles


Task 4  (Truthophobes Action Task 5)

Send My Will letters to politicians (Labor and Liberal). Challenge them on issues affecting our nation and awaken them to the difference between the core principles of  Liberalism versus Social Justice Principles.


Task 5  (Truthophobes Action Task 30)

Defend our territory against the left wing attacks (ie Christmas & Australia Day) however, turning defence to offence by using every opportunity to awaken Liberalists to how the far left does not support the core Liberalism Principles of Liberty (Freedom) and Equality


Task 6  (Truthophobes Action Task 19)

Advocate against the globalist policy of open borders which is used to implement “hijrahislamic immigration jihad. Islamic immigration is a Globalist and Marxist weapon with the aim of breaking down a nation's founding Judeo-Christian values. 


Task 7  (Truthophobes Action Task 20)

Challenge Liberalists by exposing how Islams treatment of women and  children violates core Liberalism Principles of Liberty (Freedom) and Equity.





Task 8 

Introduce people to the #WalkAway Campaign






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Truthophobes Objective7 Action Tasks
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