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The "Boycott of the Week" Initiative aims to educate and encourage people to stop supporting the islamisation of this nation and the funding of international terrorism by an imposed moslem tax which shows no respect to the Judea-Christian values this country was founded on. Food blessed in honour of the evil moon god allah and imposed on Australians is insulting to all Australians.


The Halal certification scheme supports a 4-6% moslem population and enforces Sharia Law on the majority of Australians.


94-96% of the population should not be dictated by a Cult of people who will not assimilate and will, when strong enough, act on the Quran verse 8:12

"I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.

Therefore strike off their heads and cut off every fingertip on them"


Mosques and islamic schools are funded by the halal certification scheme.

Muhammad Khan, CEO of Halal Australia "Halal Australia donates some of its profits to Islamic schools and mosques"


We the people are fools if we don't stand up and stop this halal certification rort which contributes to the funding of an islamic takeover of this nation.

To learn more about mosques and their part in the islamic takeover strategy click here


To protect this nation and future generations islams money supply must be cut off.


Each week the Truthophobes Group will be advocating the boycott of a  halal-certified product. This Product will be announced each Sunday on the Home Page of the Truthophobes Website 


After a week of doing away with the identified product and purchasing a product loyal to Australia, people are encouraged to continue to boycott the product.


A small adjustment to what goes in the shopping trolley and choice of fast food outlet could make a big difference to the future welfare of this nation.





Non Halal Global


30th April 2016


Kirralie Smith

Creator of the halal choices website

Truthophobes Aims and Objectives

Does Halal Certification fund terrorism?

Does 2+2 = 4?


".............there is no definitive way the government can say halal certification fees are not ending up in the hands of extremists or terrorists". 

(Kirralie Smith The Pickering Post 30 April 2016

Senate committee report into the Third Party Certification of Food


Islamic charities fund extremist activities and halal certifiers give large amounts of money to these charities.


Senate committee report into the Third Party Certification of Food

Senator BERNARDI said

"And we have a circumstance again where we have a halal certifier in Mr El Mouelhy who has admitted to funding an organisation called Human Appeal International. Human Appeal International is quite proudly sending money overseas to fund and sponsor extremist groups like Hamas". 

"There are Hamas organised rallies with a Human Appeal International logo there and we’ve got an Australian certifier openly admitting to giving them large amounts of money. 


islamic charities fund terrorism and halal certifiers give large amounts of money to these charities. You dont have to be Einstein to see that hala certification funds terrorists, just as 2+2=4.


Our Government does nothing about it and companies support terrorism and the inslamisation of our nation as they chase the dollar at the peril of the people.



 and we can as





non Halal certified Brands