"When it comes to free speech we either fight back or shut up"

Janet Albrechtsen


Take Action to protect free speech by moving your business from companies that don't support the freedom to speak. Freedom is what our fallen soldiers gave their lives for.


Stand up to the leftist bullies who are putting pressure on advertisers to pull advertising from right-wing shows. Stand up against corporate cowards who pull adverts from shows if a conservative viewpoint is expressed.


The left’s agenda to shut down views different from its own is toxic to freedom and must be strongly resisted. All of us, as consumers, have power. We just need to be far more assertive in telling companies that have succumbed to political correct bullying, like:
- Qantas on same-sex marriage, 
- Coopers Beer in Adelaide on same-sex marriage,
- Gillette on “toxic masculinity”,
- NIB on the George Pell verdict
- Bendigo Bank in closing the account of opponents of the Bendigo mosque, 
- and other cowardly companies that have succumbed to pressure from Sleeping Giants to

  boycott Sky News:

  • Hotondo Homes

  • Poolwerx

  • Hyundai

  • Pizza Hut

  • NIB

  • Colgate-Palmolive

The role of a commercial Board is to protect the interest of the shareholders and NOT get into political controversy.

We must all act with ferocious determination to protect free speech and call out and sanction political correctness and leftist groupthink.

Cultural Marxism



1. Leave Colgate-Palmolive Products on the shelf


2. Take a few minutes to copy and send this letter or write your own objecting to Colgate-Palmolive attacking free speech, by removing advertising from Sky News because of its conservative views.



To Colgate-Palmolive


This email is to inform you that I won’t be buying any Colgate-Palmolive products in the future because of your decision to withdraw advertising from Sky News.


Succumbing to pressure from left wing political activists and boycotting Sky News because of its conservative view points is an attack on free speech. I will not stand for this and I am sure there will be many other Australians who won’t either.


I suggest in future you stick to your core business aims and stay away from being advocates of left-wing Marxist politics.


I request that you rethink the decision you have made and renew business with Sky News. Once this has done I will reconsider my stance on the future purchase of Colgate-Palmolive products.


Yours sincerely


Contact Colgate-Palmolive