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Christians must speak-up in numbers to expose and oppose the Cultural Marxist agenda.  The foundations supporting the Judeo-Christian values our Western democratic nation is founded on, are under siege as 'Critical Theory' is being applied to sever the institutions supporting Judeo-Christian values.

Christianity is under attack from islam. Unopposed by left wing Liberalist Governments and left wing media, islam grows as a perceived oppressed minority against its Christian oppressor. (Critical Theory)

Christianity is being removed from schools, shopping centres and all areas of life. Christianity is seen as offensive to minority groups whilst calls to stop halal certification are ignored, Ramadan is being increasingly promoted and supported by Government, Business groups, Organisations and educational institutions.


Marriage the bond between a man and a woman is under attack by Cultural Marxists promoting homosexuality and gender fluidity.  Critical theory advocates that homosexuals are the oppressed and heterosexuals are the oppressors.  


It is time all Christians stopped watering down the bible and stood up against the immorality of same sex marriage and the political agenda behind it. Christianity is under attack as the institution of the family is besieged by the Cultural Marxist Marriage Equality Political agenda. 

Christians must learn more and not foolishly become "useful idiots" - people who unwittingly push noble ideas and defend noble acts at the detriment of themselves and what they believe.


Christians must either learn more and/or spread this knowledge to others to awaken them to the threat of Cultural Marxism and islam.


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Cultural marxism - The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. This utopia will have no notion of gender, traditions, morality, god or even family or the state.

Antonio Gramsci the father of Cultural Marxism recognised that a nation saturated with Christianity cannot be overthrown until the Christian roots are destroyed. To achieve this the Cultural Marxist action plan is to cut the roots by attacking the institutions such as family and gender which support Judeo-Christian beliefs.

Christians must awaken other Christians to this Cultural Marxist plan. A clever plan which has many Liberal Christian leaders attacking Christianity with liberal watered down politically correct interpretations of scriptures. Christians supporting homosexuality, marriage equality for gays and allowing gays leadership positions in the church are examples of the scriptures being compromised and ignored to permit the immoral social liberalist agenda which plays into the hands of Cultural Marxists who seize on the marriage equality issue to destroy the institutions of the family and gender, both founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.

The third aim of the Truthophobes: Christians Exposing islam, Cultural Marxism & Globalism is: "Defend Christian values from the agenda of Cultural Marxism and Globalism which aims to overthrow Western Countries, by cutting the Judeo-Christian roots via “a long march through the institutions”

Christians must speak up to expose the truth of Cultural Marxist agenda. 


1. Speak to fellow Christians and awaken them to the Cultural Marxist agenda and how this is being implemented through the institutions.

2.​ Stand up against the Cultural Marxist agenda in schools. This link contains ways you can be acting on this:

3. Expose Cultural Marxism on mainstream media pages from a Christian perspective, identifying the march through institutions such as the family and education system.

4.Challenge the left wing cultural Marxist tactics to silence free speech against islam and the cultural Marxist agenda, by helping to empower people to speak up.

Use the following Truthophobes #tag Campaigns

to speak up against Cultural Marxism


1. Don't buy Halal Certified Products. Products blessed to a false moon god called Allah.



2. Send a My Will letter to politicians demanding the government implement the findings of the Senate Inquiry into Third Party Certification.  

Christians need to be armed with the TRUTH about islam and learn how to deal with its deceptions when in minority.


Education of Christians is needed so they know ISLAM and learn how to reach out to moslems in our community in love but in truth and armed with the truth.


Too many Christians are ignorant of the Quran,hadiths and Muhammad and how moslems even think - about their superiority and false concepts on what the Christian faith truly is.

Truthophobes: Christians Exposing islam, Cultural Marxism & Globalism

Truthophobes: Christians Exposing islam, Cultural Marxism & Globalism

Group Objectives

 An ACTION Group working both IN and Outside of   Facebook to:

  • Awaken Christians to stand up to the threat of islam and empower Church Leaders to speak up against islams undeserved, privileged position in Australia above all other religions.

  • Challenge islam's religious status by exposing how Christianity is a peaceful religion, operating within the boundaries of the ordinary laws of Australia, whilst islam is a violent religion which operates outside the boundaries of Australian law, as moslems emulate mohammed, are incited by Imams and act on the fundamental teachings of islam.

  • Defend Christian values from the agenda of Cultural Marxism and Globalism which aims to overthrow Western Countries, by cutting the Judeo-Christian roots via “a long march through the institutions”

  • Challenge and encourage Christians to speak up against Christian persecution, by exposing the silence of both the media and a government that gives foreign aid to countries that permit or turn a blind eye or to Christian persecution #STOPchristianpersecution

  • Educate and empower Christian's to reach out to moslem's and either convert them to Christianity or empower them to turn away from islam. 

Truthophobes: Christians Exposing islam, Cultural Marxism & Globalism

Learn how Christian's can reach out to moslem's to convert them to Christianity or empower them to turn away from islam.

For Christians who want to understand  more about islam and be equipped to engage with moslems, Samuel Green’s   "Engaging with Islam" training videos.


Christian persecution in moslem dominated countries takes place once the non-believers of islam are no longer the majority.

The Left Wing Cultural marxist media wont condemn islams barbaric crimes against Christians. Christian lives don't matter as the application of "Critical Theory" is only concerned with power, not people.



1. Speak up against Christian persecution on mainstream media pages and highlight the silence as media pages ignore the killing of Christians.


Post the following words on media pages

"Dont Christian lives matter"



 2. Awaken people to the plight of Christians killed by islam by using the material on  the  #STOPchristianpersecution Campaign Page 

3. Join the Truthophobes Christian Group and become a member of the #STOPchristianpersecution team to  produce memes speaking up against Christian persecution. 

4.  Write to politicians advocating that the Government must stop giving foreign aid to countries supporting  moslems killing Christians and/or don't enforce criminal laws against the killing of Christians. 



Cultural Marxism
Mark Durie

Islam vs Christianity Infographic

By: Dr. Ergun Caner


Use the memes in this gallery and memes in the Truthophobes # Campaigns to speak up. 

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