Christians Against Islamic Ideology

Truth without love can cause endless heartache.  

Love without truth can cause a naive blindness which meekly tolerates abuse and leads to suicidal submission.

 Adapted from Dr Mark Durie

Truthophobes: Christians Against Islamic Ideology

An ACTION Group working both IN and Outside of Facebook to:

1. Awaken Christians to stand up to the threat of islam and empower Church Leaders to speak up against islam's undeserved, privileged position in Australia above all other religions.


2. Challenge islam's religious status by exposing how Christianity is a peaceful religion, operating within the boundaries of the ordinary laws of Australia, whilst islam is a violent religion which operates outside the boundaries of Australian law, as moslems emulate mohammed, are incited by Imams and act on the fundamental teachings of islam.


3. Defend Christian values from the agenda of Cultural Marxism and Globalism which aims to overthrow Western Countries, by cutting the Judeo-Christian roots via “a long march through the institutions”


4. Challenge and encourage Christians to speak up against Christian persecution, by exposing the silence of both the media and a government that gives foreign aid to countries that permit or turn a blind eye or to Christian persecution #STOPchristianpersecution


5. Educate and empower Christian's to reach out to moslem's and either convert them to Christianity or empower them to turn away from islam.

Social Experiment: Muslim Terror vs Christian Terror

"Allahu Akbar" v "Praise Jesus"

Islam vs Christianity Infographic

By: Dr. Ergun Caner

One God, two names?


So, are Allah and Yahweh just two different names for the same God, as President Bush suggested in his television interview? Absolutely not:


Allah is distant and unknowable.

The God of the Bible is close and personal.


Allah does not love every person;

Yahweh does, unconditionally.


Allah did not, would not, and will not die for you, nor would he ever send anyone to do so. But the God of the Bible loves you so much He sent His one and only Son to die for you. And He stands ready to grant you everlasting life if you will receive Him by faith.

Christians need to be armed with the TRUTH about islam and learn how to deal with its deceptions when in minority.


Education of Christians is needed so they know ISLAM and learn how to reach out to moslems in our community in love but in truth and armed with the truth.


Too many Christians are ignorant of the Quran,hadiths and Muhammad and how moslems even think - about their superiority and false concepts on what the Christian faith truly is.