Changing Climate is the natural state on Earth

"Just 12,000 years ago the Earth warmed quickly by over 10°C, the great ice sheets melted, and sea levels rose dramatically. Then it got cold again.


Temperatures then fluctuated over a range of about 5°C during the Egyptian Warm period, the Roman Warm period, the Dark Ages Mini Ice Age, the Medieval Warm period and the grim times of the Little Ice Age. We are fortunate to live in the fruitful Modern Warm Era and global temperatures are probably near the top for this climate cycle.


None of the warm eras were caused by man’s use of coal, gas, or petroleum or by bovine emissions. And none of the cold eras were triggered by mandating more windmills, taxing open fires or following emission targets set in Bonn, Brussels, Rio or Rome".

Viv Forbes

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​Climate Change Fraud

Despite what people think C02 is not an evil gas. If it was people would be dying around us every time we breathe.

Using figures from the IPCC. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

  • 0.1% of the earths atmosphere is made up fo trace gases (greenhouse gases) 

  • 3% of these trace gases (0.1%) are made up of C02

  • 3% of the C02 trace gases (3% of 0.1) are manmade.

Therefore According to the IPCC’s own data, manmade CO2 output levels are 3% of 3% of 0.1% of the total Earth’s atmosphere. That’s 0.000009%! That’s 9 millionths.

And of these man made C02 gases Australia contributes only 1.3%
So Australia's contribution to manmade C02 output levels is a mere 0.000000117%

Is there any real basis for the fear mongering on climate change?         Obviously Not

Labor, The greens and numerous members of the Coalition are caught up in this fear mongering ,with high emissions targets, that obviously will achieve nothing or at best very little ( Labor 45% and the Liberals 26% C02 emissions targets).

Instead of hurting Australian industry and the people with high electricity costs wouldn’t it be more environmentally friendly for politicians to be targeting something they can change, such as the contamination of waterways with industrial chemicals, pesticides like glyphosate and atrazine, poisons like dioxin and DDT, heavy metals and pharmaceutical residues?


I leave you with a final question
What really is the true political agenda of the climate change alarmists, as saving the environment is clearly not the major concern?


NWO is the obvious answer

PS Scientific data estimates that the world was warmer during the times of Ancient Rome to what it currently is.
Climate change alarmists please explain?