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“We need to swamp the AHRC in dump trucks full of paper complaining about every offensive statement made by a Leftist towards Australia or Australians in any format to the point where it chokes”.

“Even if of none of these complaints were upheld (which would be highly likely) it would force the commission to make explicit what until now has only been implicit, that these laws (and by extension the charge of “racism” itself) only apply to Right-wing White people”.

“Change only comes when you force the Left to change, and usually that only happens when you show the Left that you can play their game just as well as they can”.


“We live in a world where the Left is the establishment and they have no intention of playing fair. One of the only ways to effect meaningful change is to turn their own guns back at them, throw away the fictional rulebook (that only the Right seems to have copies of) and raise the black flag”.

“We are in a battle for our civilisation and the opposition are motivated, dedicated and in it to win by hook or by crook. It’s time to start thinking likewise”.



Click on the picture below to access all the information you require to email the complaint to the AHRC.

It should only take you 5-10 minutes unless you make changes to the existing letter.

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