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Another year where social Justice has nothing to do with real justice, feminism has nothing to do with women’s rights and that the real goal of socialism is not equality but power to the elite.



“The civilized world has been thoroughly saturated with Christianity for 2000 years. Any country grounded in Judeo-Christian values cannot be overthrown until those roots are cut. But to cut the roots – to change culture – a long march through the institutions is necessary. Only then will power fall into our laps like a ripened fruit. (Antonio Gramsci - Founder of what became known as Cultural Marxism)



"Useful idiots" was a political term used by Vladimir Lenin to describe people fooled to support a cause at their own demise.


A key thing to understand is that relatively few people push the Marxist agenda knowing that it is such. The communists refer to such people as 'useful idiots' because they do the Marxists work unwittingly and often to their own detriment, all the time thinking that they are helping a noble cause.


Useful Idiots Comments


  • Are you aware what you have stated supports the left wing Cultural Marxist agenda?


  • Vladimir Lenin used the term "useful idiot" to describe people who are naive to the true agenda. #usefulIDIOTS


  • The Communists refer to people as 'useful idiots' who do the Marxists work unwittingly at their own detriment, all the time thinking that they are helping a noble cause. Is this you? 


  • It would appear you are either a misinformed or a lefty traitor trying to destroy our beautiful country. Vladimir Lenin had a term to describe traitors to the west "useful Idiots". #usefulIDIOTS


  • Ayatollah Khomeini killed the lefties that helped him to power. They were useful idiots.





  • Marxism has killed over 100 million people in 100 years.


  • Please explain the 100 million deaths in 100 years attributed to Communism?


  • Cultural Marxism is not about liberty and equality. 100 million deaths in 100 years how many more have to die to Communism? Time to Wake Up Liberalists



  • Liberalists need to walk away from the left wing Cultural Marxist movement that cares for power, not people. 






  • Margaret Thatcher famously said, “the problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money”. And that’s precisely why the climate change movement has become socialism’s modern-day manifestation: Saving the planet is a much easier sell and even sensible capitalists can be bullied into spending billions to put themselves out of business.





  • Philosopher Bertrand Russell, a Nobel Laureate, warned us of their type — of people so convinced they’re good that they do evil.

      “Much that passes as idealism is disguised hatred or disguised love of power,”


  • Author and theologian CS Lewis described them even better.

      “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the             most oppressive,” he said. “Those who torment us for our own good will torment us              without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”






  • Tolerance at the expense of truth is total stupidity.


  • The Western "liberals" and the Islamists have one commonality -- they are "tolerant" so long as you agree with them. Once you disagree with them, their "tolerance" ends.


Response to a Lefty using colour, age, gender or sexual preference as an attack

  • That’s pretty offensive, as it assumes my colour, age, gender or sexual preference define me.


  • Categorising individuals based on collective attributes has a pretty dodgy history. It underpinned the philosophy of the mass murdering regimes of the 20th century, including Communist Stalin and National Socialist Hitler.




  • The LGBTQIA community got their marriage equality so why don't they just become a part of a functioning democratic society and stop the increased demands. Or was it never about love and a cultural Marxist political agenda was always the primary focus?


  • Sad day for Australia when a delusional LGBTQ Community with mental health issues is allowed to dictate their minority left-wing Marxist agenda upon society.


  • Are you fed up with the LGBTQ community playing the suicide card to stifle others in society from speaking up to oppose this mentally challenged group who try to inflict their minority, Cultural Marxist views onto society?





  • Cutting off healthy body parts and taking a few pills doesn't change your biological sex.


  • Cutting off healthy breasts & taking hormonal pills doesn't make you a man. Cutting off your penis & taking hormonal pills doesn't make you a woman. The mindset to mutilate your own body is evidence you suffer a delusional disorder and require psychiatric help.


  • Liberalisms core principles are liberty and equality. However, the principle of liberty is not about giving a delusional group of people the freedom to dictate and change the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded on.


Transsexuals and Women's Sport

  • Transgender men dominating women's sport is wrong. With their extra size & strength, it is not a fair contest. The silence of the left wing feminist movement shows they don't care about women.


  • Those suffering from the mental delusional disorder of transsexuality must not be permitted to play in women's sporting competitions. How is it fair for a 100kg delusional male to compete against a 70kg woman in a contact sport?


  • Well done to the Marxist transgender movement as it destroys women’s sport. Not that they care as transsexuals are higher on the left wing identity politics hierarchy than women. 





  • FACT - If you're born with male anatomy you’re a boy & if born with female anatomy you’re a girl. How you feel doesn’t change a biological fact!



  • Believing you are a man when you are a woman is simply delusional. Good people need to speak up and stop this dangerous Marxist stupidity before it ruins society and abuses children.


  • Left-wing gender identity politics results in institutionalised child abuse, with young healthy bodies changed to suit a delusional mindset forced on children by the brainwashing of a Cultural Marxist LGBTQ movement that cares about power and not people. 


  • How long are people going to pander to this delusional disorder pushed by Cultural Marxists to attack society? Transgender people need medical help for a mental condition, not a license to change society and steal the innocent youth of children. 


  • Australians will have a choice in 2019. A Prime Minister who wants to protect the innocence of children or Bill Shortens ALP that promotes the agenda of the LGBTQIA mob & the Marxist Safe Schools program which aims to confuse & corrupt children's minds with gender indoctrination.





  • "Do you think a child doesn't deserve a mother and a father?


  • The homosexual agenda is part of a strategy by Cultural Marxists to attack the institutions that support Christianity and cut the roots, so Christianity falls and with it democracy. A communist utopia replacing our democratic way of life is the ultimate goal.


  • With marriage equality conquered Marxists and the Left-wing LGBTQ community have moved onto their next targets - Christian Schools and Christian organisations. It was never just about love.


  • Only fools believed marriage equality was all about love, oblivious to the Cultural Marxist attack on free speech and Christianity. The Marxists knew what the real agenda was and it was never just homosexual marriage. We must keep up the fight for freedom against the left.





  • There are victims of racism in all races, this does NOT exclude white victims".  There are much healthier constructive ways to champion non-white people, than resorting to the demonisation of the white race.


  • Racism should be defined as discrimination against people on the basis of their race, or ethnic origin. Instead, it is commonly understood to only mean “discrimination against people who are not white.


Comments defending attacks from lefties on White people

  • And black people or moslems have never in history ever done anything wrong, such as taking 3000 blonde Spanish girls back to Africa as moslem sex slaves. White lives don't matter and the behaviour of black people and moslems in history is ignored.


Domestic Violence

  • It would appear by the media that only white males commit domestic violence when the facts are that the percentage of abuse to the population size of Aboriginal and moslem males is way above white males. Why aren't women wearing hijabs featured in domestic violence adds?





  • Quota's supporting female employment opportunities over males show no respect that men, as well as boys leaving school, also require jobs. 


  • Quotas in parliament for women today is left-wing politics. What other Cultural Marxist oppressed groups will demand quotas - more moslems, more transsexuals, more homosexuals, more blacks in parliament. Quotas for women are just the start. #Truthophobes


  • Totally wrong if a man hits a woman. However is it okay for a woman to provoke an incident by hitting a man? Men and women both suffer from domestic violence.





  • Whilst women of the world from all countries are being abused or molested by moslems, where is the voice of the left-wing feminist movement?


  • The feminist humanitarian champions of women's rights have gone silent when it comes to Islam. Why?


  • Why doesn’t the feminist movement speak up against Islam? Although we do know the answer. The left-wing feminist movement places Islam higher in the hierarchy of oppressed groups than women, as Cultural Marxists implement "Critical Theory". Islam is a higher priority than the needs of women in the quest for power.


  • The left-wing Feminist movement does not care about women. It cares about advancing Marxism. If it cared for women this powerful left-wing group would be speaking up against the abuse of women and children in Islam. However, it remains silent to the abuse because the left supports the rise of Islam as a tool.

  • It is atrocious that women and little girls all around the world are going to be in very real danger because Left Wing Liberalists do not have the backbone to speak up against Islam.


  • Feminists have had their wings clipped by political correctness and remain silent to Islams abuse of women and children.

Women earning less than men

  • The Claim that women earn less than men is an NPC response attacking men and shows a lack of understanding that many women want to and choose to be at home raising children and thus do more part-time work which means lower hours and subsequently a lower salary



  • What about abstinence, birth control, adoption and motherhood??   Murder should not be an option


  • Abortion is dressed up and said to be a “woman’s right”  instead of murder


  • It’s a lie that abortion has anything to do with women’s sovereignty over their bodies. Once a woman falls pregnant her body isn’t just her own anymore. It’s someone else’s body relying on her to care for it.


  • "The people who want this type of legislation brought in do not care about women. Killing your baby destroys a woman".


  • Just having an honest person nearby can be enough to trigger a narcissistic injury in people who are caught up in the self-deception necessary to commit evil. That’s why the ‘safe access zones’ are needed. To keep the truth away, lest a woman feel the pang of conscience before she decides to murder her baby inside her body.


  • Face the truth. The reality of abortion is mangled little limbs and heads mixed in with the blood in buckets or unborn babies gasping for breath and dying on a metal tray.


Men complimenting what a woman looks like

  • In a post-Weinstein world that fails to differentiate between serious sexual abuse, cack-handed passes and sometimes benign compliments, a puritanical Zeitgeist is in danger of taking hold.





  • Amazing how quickly society can turn on you if you don't support the left wing agenda!


  • Feminists routinely show that there is no sisterhood. They don't care about men's issues, they don't care about equality. They will attack women who don't align with their ideas.




  • Islam is a weapon used by Cultural Marxists to achieve the breakdown of a Democratic nation.


Cultural Relativism

  • Cultural Relativism, the idea that a person's belief, values and practices should be understood based on that person's own culture, rather than be judged against the criteria of another is a mental and moral disease and a great danger to the West


  • Not all cultures are equal


Deaths of innocent people misled about Islam 

  • Naive beliefs of leftist Westerners about moslem men (especially) and asylum seekers in the West have led to the tragedy.   Koran 9:5, very late Medina, says "When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them.  Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. …"  



  • In the hierarchy of Cultural Marxist Identified oppressed groups moslems are placed higher than expendable homosexuals once they have served their purpose.


  • Lefty Liberalists who support gay marriage and Islam have conflicting ideals considering Islam kills homosexuals.  Hadith-Abu Dawud (4462) - The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, "Whoever you find doing the action of the people of Loot, execute the one who does it and the one to whom it is done".





Mass Migration

  • The mass migration of moslems to the West is hijrah (Islamic jihad). 

  • The folly of mass multicultural immigration is part of the Left Wing Cultural Marxist agenda and has set in motion the demise of western society.


Islamic Immigration

  • The left's support for both Islamic immigration and gay rights is a flawed position as Islam advocates for the killing of homosexuals 





  • Does Islam support the Liberal principle of equality with its treatment of women and young girls?


  • A founding principal of Liberalism is the fundamental human right to equality which in short is equality before the law and equality of opportunity. How does Islam's treatment of women support Liberalist principles?


  • Liberalists who want freedom and care about the future welfare of loved ones need to wake up to the Cultural Marxist support of Islam.


  • Liberalists need to awaken to the attack on Western Countries to the barbaric Islamic ideology that will, in fact, kill them when it has taken power. #usefulIDIOTS


  • This is Islam. Abusing women since the 7th century. Why do so many Liberalists support Islam, when islam opposes the core Liberalist principles of liberty (freedom) and equality. Not much liberty and freedom for women in an Islamic society.


  • The burqa is a shroud of suppression, not equality




Safe Schools

  • Safe Schools was set up by Cultural Marxists & supporters of paedophilia.


  • What has become of Australia when little children are not protected & Labor Governments want to abuse them though Marxist indoctrination, such as the Safe Schools Program? 



  • Three-year-olds receiving subsidies to attend preschool is another Marxist attack on the family if Shorten’s becomes PM. Now we will have three year olds being educated on gender fluidity & homosexuality instead of just being a child at home with a parent or other family carer.


Primary and Secondary Schools

  • We’ve had too many years now where students in primary and secondary school have been indoctrinated with the ‘cultural left’ ideology.


  • When you were in Kinder did you learn about sexuality or have transvestites read you books? If your answer is "no" why would you vote to have today's young children lose their innocence to the Marxist agenda of Shorten's Labor Party.



  • Any failure by universities to properly protect free speech represents a fundamental failure to fulfil the role that taxpayers fund them to play, which is promote free and open inquiry.


  • Time the entrenched Socialists in universities were shifted with funding cuts to universities supporting Marxism and advocating against the West and democracy.


  • Government funding using taxpayers money to universities supporting the Marxist political agenda must cease. We are a democratic nation, free speech and thinking must be promoted and protected. If universities won't allow free speech and alternative views, funding must be cut





  • Political correctness is a left wing weopon to silence the truth.


  • Islam and the left fear the truth. islam wouldn't survive without blasphemy laws & Cultural Marxism will be defeated in the West, once the people take off the politically correct gag and are no longer afraid to say what they truly believe.


  • The Defence Force is no place for Political Correctness.


  • “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”




  • Corporations mustn't dictate v opinions of their employees. A company doesn't a have a moral authority to enforce its views & must instead focus on core business. A person's beliefs r there right & so it is crucial a distinction between work life & personal opinion is maintained



  • Globalists and Marxists fear the people having cultural pride as people proud of their country will fight to save their nation. We must oppose Globalists and the left by celebrating the great events and achievements in the history of our country.


  • It is lazy thinking to label historical figures in negative terms simply because what they said and did at the time is not something that would be said or done now. We have plenty of people in our history who should not be judged by contemporary standards.


  • Blanking out history is a true sign of the totalitarian. Stalin did it by having photographic records doctored to remove images of his enemies. The French revolutionaries behind the great Terror did it by destroying monasteries and restarting the calendar as if history started with them. 


  • All were Leftists who feared having the public reminded by monuments or ceremonies that greater people with other gods built the glories on which these new tyrants stood.

       (Andrew Bolt)

  • A new intolerance is on the rise. Leftist bullies are growing in power and vehemence, destroying our traditions, rewriting our history and demanding subservience to their new pieties — or else.       (Andrew Bolt)


  • ​​Australian's deserve to know the truth about the Aborigines George Orwell wrote in 1984 "the lie passed into history and became truth".




  • The ABC’s obligation under 8(1)(c) of the ABC Act “to ­ensure that the gathering and presentation by the Corporation of news and information is accurate and impartial ­acc­ording to the recognised standards of objective journalism”   The ABC isn't fulfilling this obligation.


  • Taxpayers shouldn't be paying for ABC presenters/writers who push every Leftist social issue — the “stolen generations”, asylum seekers, “reconciliation”, anti-Catholicism, the evil of Donald Trump, multiculturalism, and, of course, climate change.


  • It is wrong how taxpayers money fund both the ABC and SBS. Both are biased networks that support the left wing Cultural Marxist political agenda, Globalism and Islam that challenge and threaten democracy.






Australia Settled Not Conquered

  • On 26th January 1788 Australia, as recognised by the International laws of the time, was settled not conquered. The 26th of Australia is the significant day of-of our history as it is the day our Western Country as it is today started.


Comments rebuking the Greens attack on Australia Day

  • What have the Greens ever done for the Aboriginals? Bugger All. If Richard Di Natale cared about them his focus for 2019 would be to advocate to deal with indigenous health issues. Instead, Richard Di Natale wants to attack our History as part of his Cultural Marxist agenda.


Comments Regarding Aborigines before European Settlement

  • Aboriginal burnt the bush. Wiped out megafauna and invaded themselves from SE Asia. In North Queensland they were cannibals. They loved nothing and we're primitive stone-age nomads who fought among themselves tribally and did not even have any common language or written word. Australia Day celebrates the birth of civilisation here. There was none before.


Changing Australia Day Fixes nothing Comments

  • Changing Australia Day fixes nothing. Action must be taken about child neglect, violence, adult illness and particularly the disconnect of young indigenous men, who struggle to find a place for themselves. Changing the date is the easiest of all fixes. A band-aid solution.


Comments by Reporter Anthony Dillon (Part Aboriginal)

  • If the protesters truly cared about the Aboriginal people, they would be out protesting about the appalling conditions that far too many of them live in. The conditions I refer to are mostly in remote communities and are characterised by poverty, unclean living conditions, violence, child abuse, foetal alcohol spectrum disorder, high rates of suicide, and unemployment.


  • Protesting is more about the needs of protesters than the wellbeing of Aboriginal people.


  • Opposition to Australia Day serves only as a huge distraction from the more pressing problems facing Aboriginal people. People protest against Australia Day on the assumption that celebrations are harmful to Aboriginal people.


  • I do not know of one person who on January 26, while cooking a snag on the barbie or throwing a frisbee in the park, is celebrating genocide. Do you?


  • To suggest to Aboriginal people they are hurt by Australia Day celebrations is to suggest their emotional wellbeing is fragile and under the control of those who do celebrate on that day.


  • Banning simply legitimises the myth that Australia Day celebrations hurt Aboriginal people.


  • It sends the poisonous message: “Your suffering is real and is caused by celebrating Australia Day on January 26 so you can only stop suffering if we change the date.”


  • And bans and protests ignore the fact that many Aboriginal people celebrate the occasion without feeling hurt or offended.


  • While these people acknowledge historical injustices, they do not feel shackled to history. They realise the empowering truth that we are never victims of the past, but only ever victims of our view of the past.


  • I will take protests against Australia Day celebrations seriously when I hear those Aboriginal people who live in appalling conditions claim they are suffering because of the celebrations.




  • Every attack on Christianity is an attack against the West. Take down Christianity and Western civilisation falls.


The Crusades

  • The Crusades were a response to 400 years of islamic attacks on Christians before the Ist Crusade


  • The Purpose of the Crusades was to free Christians. The Purpose of Jihad is to enslave the Kaffirs


Bad things done by Christianity Response

  • Bad things have been done in the name of Christianity that are of the devil. .Behaviours not condoned in the Bible like they are in the quran.


Defending Christian Teachings

  • Amongst all the anti-Christian sentiments, words and legislation now, it's time to remember that not one person has ever been beheaded, crucified, shot, cut, blown up or even harmed under the words, example or instructions of Jesus Christ. No matter what your belief don't you wonder why the West has produced some of the most equal, free and peaceful countries in the world? Our societies are based on Christian teachings, like it or not.


  • The simple truth is this: if a Christian kills in the name of Christ, he does so in total opposition to the life and teachings of Christ, and the entire New Testament. However, if a moslem kills in the name of Allah, he has full justification to do so from the life and teachings of mohammed, from the quran, and from the hadith and sira.


  • Taking Christ out of Christmas is just another Cultural Marxist attack on Christianity.


  • Whether you are a Christian or not it is in the best interests of all in the West and the welfare of future generations, to stand up against the left wing Marxist attack on Christmas.   #KeepCHRISTinChristmas


  • Catholic paedophile priests should be gaoled as should Imams who molest children or permit child brides.


  • You mentioned Catholic Church because you are a typical lefty who ignores Islam's crimes against children. The sexual molestation of children is Islam, as mohammed is Islam and he raped a 9 yr old. moslems are told 91 times in the Quran to emulate mohammed


NPC    (Non Player Character)


  • Am I talking to a computer program auto script or am I talking to a human being here?


Truthophobes Aim 1


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