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Dealing With Islamic Crimes

Objective 4 of the Truthophobes: MY WILL - Islam Reclassified by the Constitution Group is: "Keeping accountable to the Australian Constitution and the laws of the land politicians, judges, the police force and other government agencies"

Australian Law before Shariah Law - Grounds for Stopping islamic immigration

1. Under section 44 of the Australian Constitution no person who holds the laws of any other body over the laws of Australia is qualified to enter Parliament, so this should mean no moslem politicians, yet we have several.

2. The definition of Allegiance is (noun) "loyalty or commitment to a superior or to a group or cause" and in making the Oath or Affirmation, the individual is agreeing that a Australian Law is superior to other laws, including shariah and they understand and will obey our Laws.

3. Every moslem should technically be disqualified from even taking this or any similar Oath or Pledge, as it is in direct defiance of the instructions outlined in the quran by muhammad on behalf of allah. The quran stipulates that NO man made law can ever be given higher authority or loyalty by moslems than GOD made laws of allah - meaning they are forbidden from obeying Democratic Law above shariah, the ruling law of islam.
HERE IS THE PROBLEM with islamic immigration as we are bringing into the country a group of people who are instructed not to abide by our laws if they are in conflict with shariah.


4. Any islamic immigrant found guilty of ANY crime that is in defiance of Australian law should be immediately arrested, have their citizenship cancelled for that and making a false Oath, be deported and their paperwork stamped "Never To Return". Refer Item 2.

5. Any crime committed in the name of allah or any other God or religion (IE: screaming Allahu Akbar as they commit a violent act in the name of their God and regardless of mental health nonsense) should be grounds for the same treatment as outlined in 4. and because of Items 1., 2 .and 3.

Could this be the solution to solve the problem of islamic invasion before it suffocates us and our culture forever?  Time is running out.

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