​Truthophobes Strategic Plan and​​​ Tactics



The abuse and killing of women and children by Islam which Globalists and

Cultural Marxists don’t publically condemn





  • Awaken Liberalists by exposing Islam's abuse and crimes against women.


  • Awaken Liberalists to the truth about Islam and mohammed by exposing Islam's abuse of children, as moslems who are told 91 times in the Quran emulate the actions of mohammed who married a six-year-old and raped her at the age of nine.






To implement the Truthophobes Strategy the following tactics will be implemented to target 'Decisive Weak Point 2


1. Defend the safety and welfare of women and children whilst going on the offensive to awaken Liberalists, by exposing the truth            about the physical and mental abuse of women and children by Islam.


  • Defend our nations parliaments from moslem candidates and other candidates who appease Islam, by going on the offence and making Sharia an election issue Use this as an opportunity to awaken Liberalists / Conservatives to the truth about Sharia. Question politicians and political candidates on Sharia's abuse of women and children.


  • Protect children from the sexual abuse of Islam and awaken Liberalists by going on the offensive to expose the true character of the paedophile prophet mohammed who married a six-year-old and had sex with her when she was only nine.




2.   When debating Liberalists or Marxists lure the enemy into unknown or a weak positions and attack shutting down escape routes.         

  • mohammeds character as evidenced by the Quran and/or the Sunnah of mohammed (rapist, murderer, paedophile abuser of women, slaveowner and more), the perfect man that moslems are instructed 91 times in the Quran to emulate.



3. Win Public opinion through a great decisive victory by Banning Facial Coverings in public (ie Burqa, Niqab and the Face masks            ANTIFA wear). (Action Task 24)



4. Challenge Liberalists on decisive issues where Islam does not support the 

    Core Liberalist Principles of Liberty (Freedom), and ‘The Rule of Law’.


  • Islam's abuse and murder (honour killings) of women.

  • Islamic sex slavery.

  • Cultural Marxist and Globalist attack on white people where it is okay to be racist against white people but not against anyone else?



5. Promote freedom of speech and empower the people to speak up against the evils of Islam, by discarding the left wing tactics              of 'Political Correctness', which silences free speech.



  • Act on your constitutional rights and send My Will Letters to politicians expressing your concerns. (Action Task 5)


  • Expose the truth about child abuse the left wing media won't report on Mainstream news sites or media Facebook Pages.

       (Action Task 3)





  • Join a Conservative Political Party and speak up against Islam's abuse of women and children  (Action Task 8)



6. Make Islam in Australia and other Western Nations a political issue. Contact all political candidates, particularly moslem                       candidates and question them about Sharia  - Are you obdurate and condemn sharia?  (Action Task 34 )



7. Awaken people to Islam's abuse of women and children by exposing and advocating a boycott of companies paying halal                   certification taxes and funding Sharia, which is abusive to women and children.    #BOYCOTTofTheWEEK



8. Awaken Liberalists by exposing the silence of the left-wing Marxist Feminist movement to Islams crimes against women and children.


  • Post memes on media pages exposing and challenging feminists. 


  • Post comments on noted feminists social media pages challenging their silence to Islam's crimes against women and little girls. Expose the Marxist Identity politics of "man-hating".  Man-hating is important to the left wing feminist movement, however, woman don't matter when it comes to Islam.