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When the Government of a Western Nation,

deliberately destroys the democracy of its own country  

by committing TREASON




The Death of a Western Nation at the hands of its Leaders!


Aims of the Campaign

  • To give the People a voice so that those elected to Parliament rule for the People and not minority groups such as moslems and the LGBTQIA community

  • To challenge the Governments running of this nation and question why it is not making responsible decisions regarding the future welfare of its citizens in relation to our nations sovereignty and the Judeo- Christian values our country was founded on.

    • Why do our Politicians allow themselves to be hamstrung by political correctness and bow to the pressure of Left Wing Traitors and the evils of Islam, Cultural Marxism and Globalism instead of caring for the people they were elected to serve?  

    • Why are we permitting our nation's sovereignty to be threatened by the unelected UN and its quest for a New World Order?  

    • Why are we accepting Moslem refugees and moslem immigrants when they don't assimilate and their book the quran instructs them to kill us?

    • Why is our Constitution not being adhered too?

      • Section 44  moslems in parliament

    • Why is Islam allowed to have a privileged position above other religions and tax the population through the halal certification scheme?

    • Why is the Government permitting Saudi Arabia influence in Australia through its financing of mosques?

    • Why are moslems permitted 0% loans and the eventual undermining of our financial system as moslem banks  take over

    • Why are Fundamentalist moslem Groups banned in other countries not banned in Australia

    • Why are moslems being allowed control of areas such as Security Companies, which not only gives Islam the guns but access to the blue Prints of buildings? 

  • To alert citizens to islamic groups that our politicians allow to grow in this country. Groups that other countries have banned -  Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb-ut-Tahrir


#DEMOCRACIDE Campaign is a Truthophobes Initiative

Truthophobes Aims and Objectives
Objective 1 Action Tasks