Stealth Campaign

'Demonise islam in the eyes of the Community'

(Written by The Group 19CC and Acted on by Truthophobes in conjunction with 19CC)

We are at war with Islam. To win this war The people must be educated about the Truth of Islam and how evil it is. Once awoken to the evils of Islam The People must act.  The People must Speak Up and hold our politicians accountable to the Will of the people.


The Sheer numbers of People (Voters) expressing discontent for how our current political parties (Liberal, Labor and Greens) have allowed the Ideology/Cult of Islam an undeserved privileged position in Australia will result in changing the attitudes of politicians or they will be removed from the office if they don't protect this country. 


Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are mechanisms that anti Islam groups use. However it is time that the people were reached at the grassroots level beyond the boundaries of Social media. TIME FOR ACTION.



Strategy to Demonise islam in the eyes of the Community



The aim of the strategy is to demonise islam in the eyes of the community by stealth and to get them to take action by voting at Local Government, State Government and Federal Goventment levels for political parties or local councillors who are 100% against the islamisation of Australia.


Implementing the Strategy

You are going to need to develop “PODS” in your locality and fight at the grassroots level.


It is going to take effort; it is going to take up some of your time and it is going to mean that you are going to need to put your hand in your pocket (Not very deep I must admit). It takes commitment.


If you can work as a “POD” in stealth it will be even better as your community, work colleagues, family, friends and the lefties + moslems do not need to know who you are. Naturally you can work alone and still use this strategy.


Whether you have got a mosque coming to town or not, you use the same strategy, firstly register a “HOTMAIL” account. Meet in private to ensure you are on the same page and agree to the same strategy. Don’t announce to the public and have a public meeting – yet! You can communicate with each other by these Hotmail accounts.


Each member of the “POD” is going to be responsible for his/her own turf; each person will be given 100 houses at first that they will be marketing to in a stealth manner.


The marketing is going to take the form of “DVD’s” and whatever other brochures you can find for free. The brochures may be about HALAL, Female Genital Mutilation or political party information. I will tell you where you can get these brochures from at the end.


You can purchase 100 Blank TDK DVD’s from Costco for less than $20. After duplication on your home computer the DVD’s will have film clips that will feature moslems telling what they think about non-moslems, what they teach in the mosque and their plans for the west. Video clips showing how they train children to hate non-moslems, actual Female Genital Mutilation etc. It is much more effective if the people who view the DVD listen to and view what moslems are actually saying and how they feel about non-moslems and Western Society. The DVD will work in Computers and majority of DVD players. We can supply a master DVD for $10 or you can create one.


You will need 100 paper DVD covers which can be purchased on-line from Aliexpress for $AUD 9.00 including delivery.


You will need to use a photocopier and copy information on to the back of the paper DVD covers. This is a necessity for two reasons. The first is there is going to be graphic material on the DVD so you will need to place a warning on the disk – “Graphic Images not suitable for those under the age of 19”. The second is marketing e.g. “Mosque coming to ORANGE property prices to drop” or “Islam 101 – information about islam and the West” as this is about stealth don’t put anything on the packaging that will identify you or your organisation.


The next step is to deliver the disk to your 100 mail boxes, and this is the same for the brochures but they need to be letterbox dropped at different times maybe a week apart.


What Will Happen

10 people in your “POD” - 1000 DVD’s actually delivered into the real world homes getting the message out to 1000+ people, getting people talking and countering what they see on the news.


If your “POD” is willing for each person to do 100 a month – then you are going to cover 12,000 families within 12 months more effective then sharing with the converted on Facebook. Naturally your “POD” should be growing or you can be developing “PODS” in other parts of your town.

The question is will you commit to fighting in the real world?