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Protect our youth by exposing them to the EVIL truth about islam.


This is not an area that islam neglects. Being a moslem or going off to fight with islamic terrorists is made to look appealing to young impressionable minds.  

"Western girls seem to think there is something "exotic" about the moslem cult. It seems that it is the "forbidden fruit".


islam targets universities and infiltrates into schools.
Abetted by left-wing Liberalist teachers our youth are indoctrinated that islam is peace. Young children are taken on excursions to mosques, feeding islam a smorgasbord of impressional young minds.

#‎DoNotBeFooledByEVIL Campaign is a Truthophobes Initiative‬​

Truthophobes Aims and Objectives
Click to access Objective 4 Action Tasks


Expose to impressional youth to the facts, islam is not appealing, it is EVIL.


Share the memes on this page with the young people you love and care for.

If at university print this meme and by stealth pin it around your university.

Left Wing Liberalist lies fool are youth that islam is peace, resulting in young women becoming traitors to our nation. 

The search of a romantic dream results in a life of hell or death.


To Learn more about why our youth join ISIS please go to this link


A message to our youth.


if you want adventure and serve in the military, ignore what you have learnt about islam at school and university.


islamic soldiers are not brave or to be respected. They murder innocent people and rape and abuse women, turning them into sex slaves.


If you want to be in the military, serve in an army that protects people and the freedom that we enjoy.


From the the Boar War and that heroic landing on the 25th April 1915 our soldiers have served this nation with distinction.

This is the army you should join. Not the cult of murdering cowards.



Evil comes in many forms. Often appearing innocent and harmless, until it gets its numbers up, then BEWARE!!!!


Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs follow their religion in peace and try to do good for the world like the Bees who are productive.


Islam is the misfit of religions because it isn't a religion. It is an evil cult that stings like the wasp but has produced nothing good for the world in 1400 years.


islam needs to be exterminated from our shores

Converting to islam to be with ISIS scumbags is like a chicken volunteering to put its head on the chopping block.

Don't be fooled, islam is not appealing, it is EVIL

Is this what you want for your grand children in the future ? 

Unless YOU act now, this may very well be the future they will face!

Educate your children and grand children NOW with the TRUTH about islam. Don't leave it up to their teachers at school to teach them about the 'nice' religion of islam! 

It is nothing but an evil, political ideology/cult that takes the freedom away from those who are foolish enough to fall for the lies! 

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