Educate Millennials (Generation Y) and Generation Z on the Truth About Socialism

Parents and Grand Parents Take Action

You have a responsibility to educate Generations Y and Z about the evils of socialism and counteract the indoctrination of a left-wing education system. 

1. Ask your children, have they heard of Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong and how many people were murdered under their leadership.

2. Educate your children about the Russian Revolution and the 100million deaths at the hands of socialism

The Big Reason We Should Fear Millennials


PEOPLE aged between 22 and 38, the so-called Millennial Generation, are the luckiest people in history.


They’ve had no real experience of war, economic recession or social unrest. Yet a Centre for Independent Studies poll, released this week, found that 58 per cent of them have a favourable view of socialism; 62 per cent believe that workers are worse off today than 40 years ago, and 60 per cent believe that capitalism has failed, even though market economies have produced the greatest wealth and the greatest relative equality the world has ever seen. All of which they’ve benefited from, of course.


Incredibly, 51 per cent of this socialist-inclined generation knew nothing of Chairman Mao. Only 34 per cent knew about Stalin and just 26 per cent Lenin. I guess if you think socialism is a good thing, the less you know about the 80 million or so murdered the under the regimes of Mao and Stalin the better! The only possible conclusion, based on this study, is that the rising generation is ignorant, biased, or naive. The further inescapable truth is that they haven’t so much been educated, as brainwashed, through school and university.


It’s true that right now, wages are stagnant, housing is out-of-reach and power prices are going through the roof — so there’s plenty to be unhappy about — but no serious person could credibly claim that people are worse off today than in 1970, or that market capitalism has failed. So what the Millennials think they know is not knowledge, it’s mere prejudice and left-wing prejudice at that.


It’s easy to blame teachers and the education system but these Millennials are adults now so they share some responsibility for failing to better inform their worldview. And parents too. Right now, Millennials make up one-third of all Australian voters and with the oldest of this generation now 38, they’re moving into positions of power in government and business. Without a fact-based understanding of history, but with a rosy view of socialism, you’ve got to be concerned where Australia will head under their leadership unless they’re prepared to learn what they don’t know.


By Peta Credlin  Daily Telegraph 24 June 2018