Please write a Letter to your Federal MP and the Federal Senators in your State


Dear (Federal MP’s Name)

Western leaders such as yourself claim that islam is peace and foolishly ignore what is written in the quran.. This was the same type of naive thinking that politicians in the 1930's had as they ignored the writings of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf

Just like Mein Kampf the quran is a very dangerous book.

In respect for the welfare of Australians, now and in the future, I ask that you take the time to read the quran in full. In it you will learn why Islam is a threat, not only to citizens who are not moslems, but also to Moslems from other Moslems. 

The quran is a threat, even tor the most peaceful person who chooses Islam as their religion, and to their as yet unborn children. It will remain a threat, in the form of a catalyst, for ensuring that ‘believers’ will never fully be able to integrate into a society that does not adopt its ideology; a catalyst for ensuring that women, homosexuals, and animals, will never be respected in the way that is expected in Australian society, and a perpetual catalyst for terror.

Please read the quran and to gain a true understanding of it please also read the following book by Harry Richardson "The Story of Mohammed"

For the growing number of people who have studied the Islamic texts, the frustration is very real when we hear comments about this religion from our leaders who have not researched it thoroughly.

We need leaders who understand the dangers that this book represents, and who have the courage to discuss this openly. These dangers will not go away because we do not talk about them. Australia needs politicians who will protect our citizens not ignore the truth about islam and kowtow to political correctness.

Yours sincerely