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Emma Husar Target Page

Emma Husar is a Labor MP who is the Member for Lindsay


It would appear, Emma Husar is a Labor snowflake and a stooge for the unelected Labor power brokers that control the party.  


Left Wing Labor Party politics before the welfare of the people is what Emma Husar stands for

It appears that Emma Husar is an islamic appeaser and will not answer the serious question - "Do you support sharia law"

Emma is also not very clever as evidenced by this must see clip if you like to have a laugh -

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 11.30.13


"On 23 November 2016, in her second speech to Parliament, Husar revealed her family history of domestic violence.[2][3][1]

In 2016 it was revealed that the Communications Electrical and Plumbing Union (CEPU) donated to Husar's federal election campaign. The State Secretary of that union, Jim Metcher, had been charged in 2007 with 6 counts of assault against his wife and children but the charges were dismissed on medical grounds.[4]In her maiden speech Husar named Metcher among those people who assisted her political career. She stated "Without your support I would not be here". [5]

In 2016 it was also reported that Husar deleted a series of embarrassing Facebook posts dating back to 2010 including a photo of her hugging a giant condom. Among these posts Husar stated "politicians, I want to be one, you can lie, steal, cheat and use other people's money to go on holidays – the best job in the world"."




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The Truthophobes Group keeping the Sharia heat on islamic appeasing Federal Labor Member Emma Husar


From Truthophobes Twitter @truthophobes


"Is Federal Member for Lindsay Emma Husar's support of the treasonous moslem, Shanghai Sam Dastyari, the reason she refuses to answer the political question -Do you support Sharia law? If Husar supports Dastyari would you trust having her in parliament? @emmahusarmp #Truthophobes "


Help keep the heat on Emma Husar and Take Action by questioning your Federal MP and any future candidates on Sharia.


CLICK  to accessTruthophobes Action Task 34


‘We took turns being her slave’: MP’s staff

AN AUSTRALIAN MPs staff claim she treated each of them like a slave, forcing them to wash dishes and clean up after her dog.


AN EXPANDING group of Federal MP Emma Husar’s office staff claim they were her slaves, washing her dishes, cleaning up her dog’s poo and running errands while being verbally abused.


An inquiry into the Labor member for the western Sydney seat of Lindsay, which Husar holds by a 1.1 per cent margin, has heard from 20 former staff members alleging bullying and abuse.


“Everyone had a turn in being her slave,” said a former staff member of her electoral office, which has seen a turnover of more than 20 in two years, The Australian reported.


BuzzFeed News reported that the 38-year-old MP would refer to staff members as “f***wits” and c***s” and they would fall in and out of her favour.


Working for Husar was “hell”, and one ex-staffer said “people are just afraid to go into work”.


“She would question their work ethic, run them down, make them rewrite a letter six or seven times beyond just correcting grammatical errors,” The Australian reported.

“She would make you correct your corrections.”


Ms Husar also allegedly told a male worker to wash her dishes so as to learn about “white male privilege”.

Other staff members were allegedly required to live in Ms Husar’s home to babysit or perform other duties for the youngest of her three children.


The allegations, the subject of a three-month long inquiry by former Labor Party staffer John Whelan for the NSW ALP head office, were denied by Ms Husar.


Husar is being investigated for bullying, harassment, verbal abuse, intimidation and misuse of staff.


Once considered a rising star in Labor, Ms Husar issued a statement on Friday saying she was “horrified” by the claims.

“My office is a professional and respectful workplace,” the statement said.


“It should not be perceived in any other way, and of course I am sorry if any person has been given reason to think otherwise.


“I am a single mum with three children, working hard and doing my best. If I have let anyone down, I apologise.”


Prominent Labor shadow minister Anthony Albanese came out in defence of Husar saying she was a hardworking single mother and impressive party member.


BuzzFeed News reported that an advertisement for Husar’s media and policy adviser listed among its tasks “running errands” and “supporting various personal, professional and family obligations”.


The internal Labor Party ad had been posted several times over the last year but remained unfilled.


Mr Whelan’s internal investigation of the allegations against Ms Husar may be referred to the state party’s administrative committee.



If Ms Husar is officially reprimanded, she could be disendorsed as candidate in her electorate.



On Twitter, Ms Husar posts that her key performance indicators “include putting people first”.


Her most recent tweet, on Thursday, was about “helping out Ozharvest … picking up food and making sure it goes to better homes than to landfill”.



On Facebook, Ms Husar has posted a video of her doing same, with comments added calling her “awesome. a legend … great work”.



Taxpayers Funds To Scoop Dog Poo

Bill Shorten must sack Labor MP Emma Husar, who bullied her staff, abused her staff and misused taxpayer funds in the use of her staff?

Pictured is a suggested parting gift from the taxpayer, for her services to the nation.





Bill Shorten showed complete disregard for the people of the Lindsay electorate by not dismissing disgraced Labor MP Emma Husar who abused her position & failed in her service to the electorate. Taxpayer funds to pick up dog poo

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