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US exits the UNHRC, we're next!

Our campaign to exit Australia from the destructive Human Rights Council of the United Nations continues to advance. The official campaign petition is now listed on the House of Representatives website.


Our petition is number EN0671, you can scroll down the list to find our petition, or type this number into the search bar and the petition will come up. The Principal Petitioner’s name is Mr. Richard Harrison.

You sign the box for your name and email. Don’t forget to tick the Anti-Spam Verification checkbox. THEN YOU MUST CHECK YOUR E-MAIL INBOX FOR A RESPONSE FROM THE PARLIAMENT – YOU THEN MUST CLICK ON THAT MESSAGE TO CONFIRM YOUR SIGNATURE. Then it’s all done.

Many thanks for your support in signing.

We have until 12 September 2018 to gather as many petitioners as we can, to convince the politicians to act in accord with our instructions.

To sign this petition, please click on the link below to the House of Representatives homepage:

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