the Character of mohammed

A Truthophobe Main Objective

"Poison the Roots of the 'Wicked Tree of Islam' by attacking mohammed's character and

the evil contents of the 3 books of islam (quran, hadith and sira)"  

Exposing the true character of mohammed is the key factor in stopping the islamisation of the West. The fact islam kills people to protect mohammed's image is evidence in itself that exposing his character is damaging to islam.


mohammed is islam. The 3 books of islam are 86% about mohammed and 14% about allah.

mohammed was a psychopathic false prophet, murderer, slave trader , sexual deviant, paedophile who treated women as second class citizens with half a brain.


islam is a lifestyle that mohammed invented from his warped mind to support his power lust and barbaric sexually deviant lifestyle.


Left Wing Liberalists which includes: the Feminist movement , Animal activists and the Gay community need to examine the character of mohammed and open their eyes to the fact that the islam of the 21st century is modelled on the lifestyle of mohammed. islam is not a religion of peace . it is a lifestyle that does not support the Liberalist principles of liberty and equality .


The lifestyle of mohammed that has developed into an ideology/cult is open to be examined and challenged and must not be silenced by political correctness.





"We hear all the time from self-proclaimed moderates that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam , and terrorists are simply misunderstanding the Quran. However, to undeniably clear up the confusion once and for all, one must simply look at what the Islamic Prophet Muhammad did during his lifetime to see exactly how Muslims are meant to behave".  

Our task is to expose mohammed and how his actions affect how moslems behave today. 


1.  Support  the #EVILmohammed Campaign by exposing the true character of mohammed by posting the

     memes on Personal Facebook pages, Group pages, Mainstream news pages that allow memes

     (ie 9news) and other Social Media pages (ie A Current Affair)


2.  Expose the Character of mohammed on mainstream news pages , other news sites such as Today

     Show and Left Wing Pages (ie The Age,Guardian, Greens Page and others)

     Use information from these links: 


Expose in pictures or words all of mohammed's crimes against humanity

    - murderer

    - rapist

    - paedophile

    - slave trader and owner

    - sex slave trader

    - racist

    - killed homosexuals

    - Ordered thieves hands/feet chopped off

    - Assassinated people for insulting him, or Islam

    - Promoted honour killings of women & children

    - Stoned adulators to death, and had also stoned a woman to death after she had given birth

             -  Looted/plundered & preached hate for people of other religions & forced conversion to Islam.

             -  and much more 



             On a post/article about paedophilia put a picture of paedophile mohammed or write "mohammed was              a paedophile who married a child aged 6 and had sex with the poor child when she was only 9" 


3.   Read each day and SHARE "The Daily dose of Poison" post on the Truthies Community page 


4.   Tweet the truth about mohammed on twitter


5.   Email the above links to friends


6.    Talk to people and when the opportunity arises bring to their attention how the actions of ISIS today are

       how mohammed behaved.

        Explain how islam is mohammed and mohammed was not a peaceful man. Share your concerns how

        moslems believe mohammed is the perfect man and they want to emulate him.

       (ie mohammed was a rapist with no respect for non-believers of islam. moslem men emulate him by                raping non-believers as well as moslem women.  European women suffering now from moslem rapists


7.   Friday the 13th of any month is official "#EVILmohammed Day".  On this day help expose this barbaric

      false prophet by changing your Facebook Profile picture to a #EVILmohammed meme 

Expose mohammeds character