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​Exposing the Globalist Agenda​​​

"Globalism involves a commitment to world outcomes, to concern for the welfare of all citizens of the world. In its extreme form, nation-states disappear and we are all one big, happy family. Note that globalism is different from globalisation, the latter of which involves mutually beneficial trade between nations as well as limited movement of people.


Nationalism, on the other hand, involves commitment to country, with governments primarily concerned about the welfare of their own citizens. This often involves a considerable degree of pride in country on the part of citizens and a willingness to defend the borders and its way of life.

Left-wing commentators will often condemn nationalism as a form of red-necked patriotism and closed-mindedness — even racism. They will point to the virtues of open borders and multiculturalism as well as the obligation of rich nations to assist those living in developing countries. This is notwithstanding the overwhelming evidence that foreign aid is largely ineffective at reducing poverty and often leads to corruption.

Globalism imposes groupthink. There are certain views that are acceptable and views that are not. Anyone who expresses some misgivings about climate change, for instance, is labelled a denier, a sceptic and a bad person. Anyone who expresses some misgivings about mass immigration is labelled a xenophobe, a racist and a bad person".

Judith Slogan "Malcolm Turnbull’s failure was not to put Australian interests first"

The Weekend Australian, 25-26 August 2018

Truthophobes Aims and Objectives
Objective 2 Action Tasks

The Globalist elite are worse than islamism and leftism combined. The Globalist elite finance and disingenuously facilitate both islamism and leftism as the social chaos they each engender is a prerequisite for imposing globalist one world government. islam and the left are both just useful idiots for the globalist agenda.


Write to a politician. We can't expect change if we don't ask for it.

 Take 10 min to (insert your concern here) and send a copy to the Prime Minister, a Senator and your Federal MP



Please understand that the Paris Agreement is but the latest step of Agenda 21 created in the 1970's and to which every Australian Government since then has agreed to. The agreement commits Australia to close down all major manufacturing and transfer such operations to the then called third world countries like India and China.

All Australian political parties since then have agreed that this would help develop such countries and would provide cheaper imported goods for we lucky Australians! You must agree these deep thinking, analytical brains of the politicians and civil servants regard our current, nearly 100 percent reliance on imports, as a totally successful outcome.

America was a signatory to Agenda 21. The effect on that country was the same as the mass destruction of manufacturing and the skills that would insure Australian independence and prosperity. Donald Trump is the first world leader to call it as it is...a worldwide money collecting fraud of trillions of dollars per year that would be managed by one world banking organisation and cohort of NATO.

The link below will clearly explain why we need a leader in this country that has the guts to get Australia out of this quagmire. We are in debt ($600 Billion) and we will have to borrow to give NATO $20 Billion a year (into what Trump called the Green Fund) "to assist third world countries fight climate change". Why? There has been no climate change in the last 18 years and CO'2 levels are a quarter of what they were during the last ice age! Trump did not say the word in his speech but I'm sure the word Bullshit appeared several times in the margins.…/the-alan-jones-breakfast-sh…/terry-mccrann

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