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Feminists Of Australia

Have You Forgotten What You Are Fighting For?

Do You Know Longer Care?

Well, Listen Up!


There is a scourge invading Australian Society! Women are being suppressed! Children are being exploited, maimed and married off. Women and Girls are being Murdered!






Every day we hear of one or more atrocities being committed against the women of the world, the women of Australia. Yet you all sit in your gilded towers and ignore the obvious. You know who is to blame. You know who is committing these crimes. Yet you all stand silent.




The Suffragists and Feminist of the past must all be rolling in their graves. For their Legacy has become weak and soulless. What they fought for and some died for has been tainted by your Petty self serving in-action. You are no longer a beacon of hope, for all that is Female. You are no longer a force to be reckoned with.




And your Failure to act accordingly against the Scourge of Islam is an Atrocity in itself. You have betrayed your sisters and daughters. You have betrayed our Female Ancestors who fought for our Freedoms. Your Silence is giving the Female Hating Cult an open platform to perform their revolting acts.

When the first Case of Female Genital Mutilation was announced. Where Were YOU?
When the first Case of Child Marriage was broadcasted. Where Were YOU?
When the first Case of Sharia Law being practised in Australia was announced. Where Were YOU?
When the first Case of Muslim Gang Rape, was going to trial. Where Were YOU?

Well you have sat Silent for Long Enough.
We the women of Australia, Demand you Stand up!
We The Women of Australia Demand the use of Your Voice!
We The Women of Australia Demand that you Stand for Our Rights and Our Lives as you were meant to, as our Ancestors did!

And We the Women of Australia Will Stand With YOU!

Written by Suzie G



The desexualisation of islam is a tactic that the press and the feminist movement uses to deceive the West that islam is peace!


Feminists see Islam as a religion of peace and that it is Islamophobes whom continue to take violent verses out of context!!


All Feminists (unless they are bigots) should take 38 minutes out of their day to be challenged by this Youtube clip – exposes inequality for women from islam’s Quran.



One of the reasons the feminist movement is reluctant to speak out against the misogyny in islam, is that they see that islam is a religion of peace and that it is Islamophobes that continue to take violent verses out of context!!


From mohammeds man made religion, which served his murdering ways and perverted needs, quran 22:19-22 is what is happening across the world today as islam spreads and/or conquers.


The world has seen just recently: men lined up on a beach to be executed, men in a a cage lowered into water and drowned, men lined up with their heads blown off, women are being raped, made into sexual slaves and killed once they have served their sexual purpose.


Feminists please explain how islam is peace and how quran 22: 19-22 is taken out of context?


If these facts don't cause anger in a Feminist or for that matter, all men and women, one can only assume that women are no longer important to Left Wing politics.


The new catchcries of the Left: 

"Women's welfare who cares" 


"One World Government, who cares about Women" 

It is time women across the world united and spoke up against the evils of islam and its crimes against women

A moslem males right to strike women as permitted by the quran must be exposed in mainstream media pages.

This is not acceptable and the once vocal left wing Feminist movement should be shamed for its silence on this issue.

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