​Expose the Truth About Globalism 

This list of comments has been prepared to assist patriots to speak up and expose the truth about Globalism.


It is intended the resource will:

  • Expose the truth that the left-wing dominated media won't report

  • Refute the mistruths of a left-wing media that reports fake news. 

  • Stimulate people to act and speak up

  • Save time which will enable more action


Use these comments to expose the truth in:

  • Media comment sections (National, State and Local)

  • Politician Facebook Pages, Twitter and other forms of social media

  • Responses to family, friends and others you associate with 


The writer doesn't claim that these are pre-eminent comments. 

Please use and alter as you see fit.

What is important is that you take action and speak up.

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Truthophobes Aim 1


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