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  • Why has our government elevated the Islamic Ideology/Cult to a Privileged position above other religions? 



  • Why is our government allowing Australians to fund terrorism by buying halal certified products?  



  • Why is our government making 97-98% of Australians pay a tax to fund a 2-3% moslem population, that will not assimilate and will by its own book, the Quran, attempt to conquer and later kill non-believers.



  • Why does our government turn a blind eye to islamic animal cruelty and the barbaric halal slaughter method?




Waltzing Matilda Halal Style


The Truthophobes "Boycott of the Week" Initiative aims to educate and encourage people to stop supporting the islamisation of this nation and the funding of international terrorism, by an imposed moslem tax which shows no respect to the Judea-Christian values that this country was founded on. Food blessed in honour of the evil moon god allah and imposed on Australians is insulting to all Australians.

Please join the Campaign and take a stand against islam and Australian companies that support moslems and islamic business deals over the welfare of the people.

Halal Certification is a complete scam.

Whats worse is how the Australian government does nothing to stop the scam and appears to be so much in bed with islam that it wont act on the findings of the Senate inquiry into Third Party Certification.

This inquiry was funded by us, the taxpayer and came up with the following 7 Recommendations that the Government has ignored

Recommendation 1 
a. The committee recommends that food manufacturers clearly label products which have received third party certification.

Recommendation 2 
3.59 The committee recommends that the government, through the Department of Agriculture, consider the monitoring and compliance of halal certification of meat for export; and becoming the sole signatory on the government halal certificate.

Recommendation 3 
3.60 The committee recommends that the government, through bilateral and multilateral forums, promote greater acceptance of a 'whole–of-country', government-led halal certification system.

Recommendation 4 
3.78 The committee recommends that the government consider requiring certification bodies to register their operations under certification trademarks.

Recommendation 5 
3.79 The committee recommends that the government consider requiring that halal certification of goods in the domestic market comply with the standard agreed for export.

Recommendation 6 
3.80 The committee recommends that the halal certification industry consider establishing a single halal certification authority and a single national registered certified trademark.

Recommendation 7 
3.96 The committee recommends that meat processors clearly label products sourced from animals subject to religious slaughter.

Please click on this link and you will find a prepared letter for you to sign

To Learn more about Halal Certification and what products to buy and to ignore  Please click on these pages

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