Issue 4. Council neglected to undertake any investigations to educate themselves about Sharia law or any other aspect of Islam. This is a gross dereliction of their duty of care as we are now aware that the new owner of the land for the proposed mosque (who has also bought all of the surrounding vacant industrial supply of land) is the Australian Islamic Mission incorporated who are also Juma’at Islamiah, known as a proscribed terrorist organization. 
The Bendigo Mayor, Peter Cox in a recent television interview laughed and stated openly that he had “never read anything about Sharia law”.

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"To sum up:

Money from Halal certification is donated to Human Appeal International whose director happens to be President and the signatory on behalf of the Australian Islamic Mission incorporated on the titles for the purchase of 12 acres of prime, mixed use industrial land in East Bendigo that has been designated for a mosque devlopment. 

By extreme coincidence, Human Appeal International is just a few doors down from MCCA Sharia Finance, who financed the land for the proposed mosque VIA Sandhurst Trustees/Bendigo Bank.

We are now following up a number of other extraordinary coincidences and connections in relation to this matter. Stay tuned".

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Greater Bendigo Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Plan

To whom it may concern,

Please find the attached documents exposing the facts about what has transpired with respect to the controversial Bendigo mega mosque development and subsequent legal action.


Until now, we have been constrained by the courts as to what  could or couldn’t be publicly released in relation to the case and as usual, the left media have concocted their own version of the events, so the facts haven’t been told.


Those who have been involved know and understand only too well the machinations of the Bendigo Council, the Executives at the City of Greater Bendigo and their cohorts who are acting in collusion with state government and a number of corrupt officials, including those at VCAT.


As a result of exposure to these individuals and extensive investigation into their background agendas, it has become very obvious that the plans they have for Bendigo are so much bigger than the mosque development itself.


The VCAT legal process that residents of Bendigo were forced into for 13 excruciating and costly months is a charade, as are the subsequent appeals to the Supreme and High courts.  The law and democratic processes have not been followed.


Please take the time to read the truth about the events that have transpired over the past 2 ½ years to understand what is being covered up and the real agendas that are being exposed.


The question that must be asked is:        If these schemes and plans are a good thing for Bendigo, why would the Bendigo council and its executives and their ilk go to so much trouble to hide what they are doing?


It ISN’T going to be good for the residents who live there and they know it would be rejected if the people were given any say. Bendigo is in a LOT of trouble.


Thank you for taking the time to read and absorb the resident’s side of the story as the local media has refused to report on these facts, including the inexcusable acceptance of a planning application that was so fundamentally flawed and unlawful that it should never have been considered.


The people of Bendigo need to know and prepare for what is upon them. Indeed, all Australians should know what can happen if corrupt councillors are not made accountable for their actions. That is the sole difference between the councillors in Bendigo and those in other areas who have fought and won against controversial planning applications. The Casey City Council in Melbourne is a perfect example of good councillors listening to and acting upon the will of their residents in relation to the recent Narrewarren mega mosque proposal.


However, as you read, you will begin to see that the agenda for Bendigo is much bigger than a local issue and those interfering hold positions of power at the highest levels in our legal and political domains and they are facilitating the encroachment of the U.N. into Australia’s domestic matters.