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to rid the country of Sharia Law

Simple facts to think about--- so you can use your own logic thinking:


islam across the world in many western countries far reaching from the UK all the way into australia have been instructing jihadist university educated scholars with high degrees in political and social sciences to infiltrate the world with islamic sharia law invasion----now let me stop you there! when you think about war histories you were taught at school and you hear the words "war invasion" whats the first thing that comes to mind? --bombs, air-raid sirens, explosions, buildings being blown up, soldiers in uniforms right? --- No wrong! --This is an invasion of a very different kind not seen in our lifetimes.


The use of jihadist scholars means they can commit electoral fraud, electoral fraud which as been reported officially as taking place in the UK political voting systems among muslim communities are happening at the same time in the same way over in Australia. They use jihadist scholars to get into our electoral jobs and then eventually into high places in governmental and policy making jobs so that they can enforce and make up the rules of our countries slowly and surely enforcing sharia law on countries. They have also infiltrated jihadist scholars into very important "UN" world human rights jobs who are making world decisions on everybody in all countries.

They don't stop at political jobs to pull strings either, they are in our schools, universities, sharia bonds have been placed into UK financing and banking systems buying up historical British buildings that are being loaned out to the UK government under sharia law rules and restrictions and sharia marriage affair courts. ---all of which undermine our English laws in the UK and undermine women’s right and safeguarding against violent domestic and sexual abuse.
Not to mention all the other awful unreligious inhumane things islamic sharia law entails.




Anybody who thinks Jihadists are the immediate threat to the west are very mistaken. Jihadist's are violent yes, but they make their violence very known and obvious, they go right in there to blow you up...and sometimes you can see them coming all tooled up and possibly going to carry out an attack. However, Islam is a very different dangerous ball game. Islam works by stealth infiltration methods.

Islam starts it's agenda by coming into the west over long periods of time and in small numbers to begin with, making the western locals like them, accept them, welcome them...deceiving you into thinking they are harmless because these people are scared of "us" to begin with when outnumbered by "us" while still in small they practice Taqiyya to gain leftist liberal persons trust, and because they have lived here in smaller numbers over a period of years not really causing any harm, how can right-wing be so mean to them say the left-wing?

Taqiyya by the way is an art-form in deception and lying, it gets taught to them when practicing the Hadith...which is a sub-book of the Qur'an. It teaches them to lie to welcoming host tolerant nations in all countries it intends to invade by stealth mode and infiltration method. Taqiyya teaches them high level discipline, patience and to be friendly and calm to host nations until enough of their allies arrive through odd sudden waves of migration.

This infiltration method works by advancing their cause into the west, because it fools you into thinking they are all lovely little Mohammad's, so they can gain trusted job positions such as government civil service offices, policy making offices, police forces, lawyers firms, top universities, trusted doctors and medical jobs on a bio-medical level, government MP offices, Media, committee decision making boards, school boards, benefit offices, prison jobs, armed forces and top intelligence agency jobs -- where sensitive information is held and handled.

Then when more middle eastern migrants in one mass sweep after another mass sweep come to join them in our western countries, they build more power, aggression and momentum against us, because they are already in all the highly trusted important job positions I mentioned above. Then the ghetto migrant gangs on our street know this fact of their own higher ups in our countries highly trusted employment positions..hence why they are smug with aggression towards anybody rightfully patriotic and British, raping women and girls, breaking laws in front of the police -- whilst holding up banners insulting this country and queen by inciting total invasion.

Tony Blair back in 2014 in this report warned that Islam is our biggest threat and it would serve the west to unite with China and Russia.Tony Blair along with George Bush -- who happens to be the man who helped create this mess and exacerbated Middle eastern war torn people out of the east to spill into the a mass wholly misdirected hatred at civilians on both sides being played by elitist war mongering governments.

It's time leftist liberals saw this too and stopped being laughed at by Islam behind your back's whilst you sacrifice your own people. Have a look at how loyal all Muslim Middle eastern people are to each other, how bias they are too in favoring they're own people. Time to wake up Britain and see it. Time to demand that government get the religious protection law Act changed to protect British law and democracy from Sharia Law. Or you will all be governed under Sharia law run governments and policy makers by 2030. 
Imagine that?

The superiority of western governments and the left-wing liberals who were brainwashed with high tolerance - with no questioning, 
Stupidly viewed and believed that somehow our western countries are these walled places of pure strength, perfection, enchantment, complete savior that are able to accommodate ALL of the Middle eastern migrants and asylum seekers. You are fools, village idiots, complete demolishing abolitionists!

What you voted into power in your UK governments is not competence, it is not capable, is it not caring, compassionate or concerned now the country is in trouble, and what you have supported in they're policies is not mentally rationale and this is why

It's not sustainable for economy when 50,000 migrants work and another 10,000 migrants are unemployed.
Is not sustainable for racial genetic survival of white western race.
Is not sustainable for managed fertility rates and birth control. 
It is not good for community, cohesion now that the influx of mass migration as gone passed it's reasonable capacity.
It is not good for environment, air pollution, green land-mass, wild-life, consumerism, water supplies, or landfill sites or green house gases. 
Experts are saying we will run out of water with climate change within 50 years to sustain the whole planet, with only enough water to supply half of the worlds population.

And last but not least...this mass migration particularly with Islamic faith is not safe, not compatible with western law, politics, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of dress sense, freedom of women, children and animals and freedom of WESTERN LIFE!

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