hijab Complaint to Commonwealth Bank

CBA, Optus make fashion statement with corporate hijab

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Much more than a fashion statement

To the Commonwealth Bank of Australia


I would like to lodge a complaint against your decision to appease islam and insult the women of Australia. I am horrified that the Commonwealth Bank has become a dhimmi bank to islam by its actions.


Introducing a grey corporate hijab with the banks logo is an insult to women and all patriotic Australians. 


Your desire to appease moslems and gain Islamic dollars, lacks understanding about islam and what the hijab represents.


The hijab is more than a headpiece. It is a symbol of sharia law and islamic victory.

The hijab is not a fashion accessory. It is a garment that every women in the world should be horrified to wear. The hijab is a symbol of the abuse and oppression of women across the world. It must not be glorified.

Islam is political and the hijab is a symbol that the woman is fully committed to the sharia. This has political consequences, as the hijab, is in fact a statement of hatred against the kafirs (non believers).


I feel very strongly against the banks appeasement of islam and its insult to the women of Australia. I strongly advise that the bank immediately withdraw the grey hijab as part of its corporate uniform.


I will be closing down ALL my Commonwealth Bank accounts if the bank does not act on this matter. I would like a response to this email.


Yours sincerely



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