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Islamic Honour Killings 

The murder of innocent people, predominantly women, to protect one's honour  comes directly from the actions of mohammed

"You only have to look at the Islamic texts, including the life of Mohammed, to realise that deep in the heart of Islamic doctrine is a concern with how things appear to others – with shame and honour. Mohammed could not stand anyone insulting him, and such was his fear for the standing of his reputation that the Quran is full of references to those who accuse him of lying about his ‘revelations’, with dark warnings about what will happen to these doubters. Moreover, he condoned the killing of those who insulted him and his religion, and had people killed for this – including many women. A man who stabbed the woman who was pregnant with his own child to death for insulting Mohammed was pardoned by him. Mohammed sent an assassin to stab to death a poetess who had written a poem he found insulting, while she was asleep with her five children, the youngest still at her breast. These stories about the prophet of Islam cannot help but have a deep influence on some of its followers. Reputation and honour is seen to be of prime importance. And it can be used to justify killing".

from "Honour killings have plenty to do with Islam, despite claims to refute it". by Harriet Taylor 23 July 2016

World No Hijab Day
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