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#‎islamCULTofDeathNotPeace Campaign is a Truthophobes Initiative


Aims of the Campaign

  • To expose the biggest lie / joke of the 21st Century that islam is peace.

  • To expose that islam is not protected by The Australian Constitution Section 116, if the ideology/Cult  is at odds wth the Australian way of life.

  • To highlight that all moslems read the same quran that contains  over 100 verses of violence against non believers

  • To challenge the Liberalist position and bring them into the fight against Islam.

The Biggest Lie of the 21st Century

"Confused about Islam?"
David Wood explaining the simple 3 step process to an Islamic takeover.

Published on 3 Aug 2014




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ABC's Deception of Islam - David Wood (Media's Distortion of Muhammad)

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British Patriot Paul Weston captures how the islam of today relates to the behaviour of mohammed and exposes the lie that islam is peace

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