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#islamIsNOreligion Campaign is a Truthophobes Initiative

                                                  TRUTHOPHOBES MAIN OBJECTIVE

"To cut down the noxious (invasive) 'Wicked Tree of Islam' at the trunk, by having Islam reclassified from a religion to a Totalitarian, Political and Militant Ideology / Religious Cult. The Australian Constitution will then not protect Islam".   


A Religion that: promotes: the killing of non-believers, the killing of people who want to leave it, kills rape victims, kills homosexual, promotes the beating of women, and much more,

whilst having as its figurehead a psychopathic false prophet

who was a murderer, sexual deviant and a peadophile.


This is the Truth about the Islamic religion and the evil mohammed


Does this sound like a religion to you?

The answer to why the attack in Brussels happened, is in this book.
The answer to why the attack in Paris happened, is in this book.
The answer to all islamic killings is in this book.


The problem with islam is the quran, 
a book that contains over 100+ violent verses against infidels. 
Not the left wing spin of moslem social exclusion that the media attempts to deceive us with.


moslems will never stop killing, they have read mohammed's war manual. "They’re there for one reason and one reason only. 
To die for the Caliphate and usher in a world without infidels. That’s their strategy and it’s been that way since the 7th century".


Please refer to the following article:
Yet another attack, yet again the establishment refuse to discuss Islamic ideology.

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