Islam is a misfit with our democratic way of life.


#IslamMisfitOfMultiCulturalism Campaign is a Truthophobes Initiative


Aims of the Campaign

  • To inform and justify to politicians why Islamic immigration must be stopped. 

  • To highlight how Islam is not compatible with the Australian way of Life, 

  • To expose the intolerance of Islam and the threat Islam is to the future welfare of generations of Australians. 

  • To demonstrate how Islam does not behave like other religions and must have its religious status reclassified

  • To expose how Islam does not adhere to the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia.

  • To alert citizens to islamic groups that our politicians allow to grow in this country. Groups that other countries have banned -  Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb-ut-Tahrir



Weaving a web for the future destruction of our country are islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and Hizb-ut-Tahir.


Is it treason or political suicide that our leaders allow these misfits of multiculturalism to grow in our country when other nations have banned these dangerous organisations?


islam will not assimilate into Western culture unless there is a tactical gain for the eventual overthrow of our political system and culture. The implementation of Sharia law across the world is the islamic objective.


WHY do our politicians support the growth of islam when they know the overthrow of our democratic system of government is the eventual objective? It can only be an act of treason.


It is time elected politicians stood up and put the National interests first before pandering to  political correctness by Liberalists , who  naively support islam and Cultural Marxists using islam as a tool to destroy democracy.


Please contact your Federal MP and voice your concerns.

If they don't listen and act vote them out 


They aren't here to assimilate, they are here to conquer.


Read the plan of the Muslim Brotherhood "Project"




Action is required. Ring your Federal MP and notify them of your concens.


"Islam is a misfit with our democratic way of life".


Further Reference 

''The Project'' - The Islamic plan of conquest nobody payed attention to


The answer to why the attack in Brussels happened, is in this book.
The answer to why the attack in Paris happened, is in this book.
The answer to all islamic killings is in this book.


The problem with islam is the quran
a book that contains over 100+ violent verses against infidels. 
Not the left wing spin of moslem social exclusion that the media attempts to deceive us with.


moslems will never stop killing, they have read mohammed's war manual. "They’re there for one reason and one reason only. 
To die for the Caliphate and usher in a world without infidels. That’s their strategy and it’s been that way since the 7th century".


Please refer to the following reference for more detail
Yet another attack, yet again the establishment refuse to discuss Islamic ideology.



"Malcolm Turnbull told 3AW the anti-Muslim statements made by Pauline Hanson and George Christensen were divisive and against Australia’s interests." The opposite of divisive is cohesive.


Once upon a time, Australia was cohesive. Immigrants would come, cop it sweet and join with society leaving their old customs behind. Since the 1975 racial discrimination act, people still came and shed their old ways and blended until a little while ago. it started with the 2nd wave of Lebanese refugees. The very ones the 1st wave were running from. Like a oil from a subsea well that had blown out, it quickly rose to the surface to spread as a thin layer on the pristine water, Australia.


Assisted by our own governments, this slick is getting bigger and no matter how much they try to tell us that the oil and water will mix and it will all be ok, we know better.


Firstly, we need to cap that well and secondly, we need to clean the scum, some removed in total and other parts can be emulsified with detergent. Capping the well is stopping the immigration. Removing the scum is the deportation of the violent elements and emulsifying the remainder is the dismantling of the ideology with a debate. Oil and water do not mix.




We must close our borders to this Ideology / Cult that doesn't come to assimilate like other cultures but comes to conquer.


Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them"


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