Each Week Tuesday Night is Ladies Night With the Press



Expose over Mainstream media pages the truth about islams crimes against women. Expose the truth the Left Wing Cultural Marxist media wont report. The truth the once powerful Feminist movement is silent on, as it has been hijacked by the left-wing political agenda




  1. Expose the horrific way moslem women are treated in islam.


  2. Alert Western women to how they will be treated under Sharia law as it creeps into our society.



  3. Warn Australian girls to the dangers of islam. http://www.truthophobes.com/donotbefooledbyevil


  4. Challenge the Feminist Movement for its silence in standing up to the barbaric way that islam treats females.



  5. Encourage moslem women to stand up against the oppressive and abusive moslem men in their lives and report         acts of domestic violence, paedophilia and FGM    http://www.truthophobes.com/abuse-of-woman                                                                                              

 FURTHER REFERENCE MATERIAL TO ASSIST and much more on the Truthophobes Webpage







“Lots of little things make something big”

Just imagine how much truth would be exposed if every patriot took just 2-3 minutes out of their day to make 1-2 comments on a mainstream page



LADIES NIGHT AT THE MEDIA is a joint Initiative of 2 Truthophobes Sub-Groups



Each Tuesday take just 10 minutes out of your day to help expose the horrific way moslem women and children are treated in islam. Help stop the abuse and oppression.

Post Comments and memes onto mainstream media sites, including womens magazines.


The following links provide information and memes to post