Mohammed used his communication with God to justify his rapes, raids and killings. He then cleverly closed the door on his religion ever being changed or hijacked by declaring himself to be the last in the line of religious prophets, so no one can change what he said or taught. Neither can one escape without the very real prospect of losing his life. While the world has grown past the barbarism of Mohammed's time, islam hasn't.

Until moslems look at his religion with a critical eye (which makes them apostate and worthy of being killed) and move forward with the rest of the world then islam will enslave us all, in many parts of the world it already does.

There are peaceful parts to the koran and many moslems follow only these, while ignoring that mohammed himself abrogated these passages. To be a moslem means to accept that mohammed was the perfect human Being. His life is the example for all moslems to follow in every way possible. Of course, not all moslems are very successful in this endeavour, but the level of devoutness of a moslem is judged by how closely he follows mohammed’s example and teachings.


The koran instructs moslems to follow the example of mohammed but which example?

In Mecca, mohammed never used violence against Kafirs and in the very early days even showed tolerance to other religions. Once in Medina though, mohammed used violence almost all the time to achieve his aims, and never showed tolerance to Kafirs.

The Medina koran is the later one and so abrogates the Meccan Koran, and yet the Meccan Koran is still valid because the koran (and mohammed) is perfect. A moslem can follow either example. So how does a moslem know which one to choose?

As usual we have to look at mohammed’s example to know the answer. In Mecca, mohammed was not powerful, and was surrounded by enemies. When he went to Medina, he became powerful and used violence frequently to achieve his goals.

Some interesting undisputed events in mohammed's life, which demonstrate his narcissistic personality;

Mohammed declared his loving, caring uncle who had protected him all his life to burn in hell because he wouldn't accept islam on his death bed.


He killed a girls husband, father and brother and took her as a slave only to force her into marriage with him later the same day.

He sent his followers to bring the head of a man who was his ally back to him on a stake because of a perceived insult to allah.

He persecuted the Jewish and Christians of his time because they did not accept his twist on their religion.

I'm a firm believer that to stop the islamisation of the West that all devout moslems are calling for, the masses in this country need to wake up. We need to understand what islam teaches and why it DOES affect us.


So I ask you, how can we fight islam when our leaders are ignoring what is written in these books and have no idea how or why mohammed came to hold so much power. Dictators that have come since him have been hunted down and taken out for the threat they posed to the world (Hitler and Bin Laden for example). So then, why aren't we looking at the man moslems hold so dear? Obviously, we can't hunt down mohammed, but we can learn from history and not make the same mistakes that have been repeated the world over by ignoring his teachings.


How can our leaders stop terrorism on our shores when we have no idea what is taught in mosques and schools? There are many reports of children being taught only the word of mohammed and mosques teaching the murderous hate filled Medina example of the koran. We have undercover footage available of preachings in the mosques. We have so much information available to us and yet, we are ignoring it all and giving moslems funding to build more mosques and schools enabling them to radicalise from within.

Why aren't we blocking internet sites from ISIS that are radicalising our youth, the same way Saudi Arabia blocks it's citizens from accessing books from Amazon kindle?

Who is looking at this propaganda? Those who wish us harm!


Islam is not just ISIS, it's Hamas, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hizb ut Tarir, Jamaah's all of these, and many more who are using the word of mohammed to preach death to the apostates and Kafirs. Why is ISIS advancing so rapidly with little or no resistance from moslems themselves? Because ISIS is another on the above list furthering islam's cause, though granted they are more public about what they are doing in our technologically shrinking world.

Look around you, already people are too scared to stand up to the bullies of islam because our survival instincts prevent us from upsetting those who are deadly about opposition, and currently moslems are the minority.

What will happen in 30 years to our aging nation when the numbers increase?


It is everyone's responsibility to look at islam critically.

We need to understand it's goals and where they come from, we need to understand why and how this religion was created.

If we dont, our future generations will indeed need to move to another planet to escape Western civilisation being thrown into the same chaos we see in the middle east.

I know the peaceful moslems will outwardly disagree with what is written here, but they know the truth, and if they don't, then I urge them to learn.

Why are moslems so quick to hate Christians, Jews but won't defend there own religion?

Because it hasn't been hijacked by any terrorist organisation, mohammed made sure of that!