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The Leftist mindset (in all its versions) is the largest inhibitor that we face in this fight against islam and for our country. Leftist mindsets are the facilitators for islam worldwide and a great many other non-sensical social problems. 
Whilst many leftists that we meet sit at different positions to each other along the political spectrum due to variances in their own personal influences/values/degree of brainwashing- it is important to investigate and note the root sources (socialist movements) that work very hard to achieve indoctrination within the masses through many corrupted platforms (such as media, educational institutions, workplaces) and the PC mechanisms with which they achieve it (blatant deceitful journalism, curriculum bias, law-fare such as 18C) 
The fruits of this labour can be seen in the common elements that most Leftists share such as: 

  • intense dislike for conservative western governments

  • intense dislike for patriotism

  • support for globalisation/forced multiculturalism

  • undermining of western nations sovereignty

  • support for restrictions to free speech

  • racist against whites.

  • Will apply victim status to minority groups regardless of the facts.

  • use of mislabels & made up words to deflect away from their ignorant lack of facts/rationale. 

e.g. "racist" "nazi" "islamophobic" "homophobic" etc..


1. Expose and refute the Cultural Marxist agenda on mainstream media pages.

Expose the readers to the truth that Left wing media wont report or misrepresent. Please go to this link

2. Join with other patriots in the Daily “UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT” media task. Every day at 6.30am a media site will be posted on the Truthophobes Community Page for patriots to watch throughout the day and keep accountable to the truth








3. Stop the Cultural Marxist agenda indoctrinating our youth through

the education system (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary). Write to Ministers of Education, Politicians, Newspapers, speak Radio and

help spread the #STOPculturalMarxismInSchools Campaign

through all forms of social media such as Face Book and Twitter.












4. Challenge the left wing tactics to silence free speech against islam and other issues on the cultural Marxist agenda by helping to empower people to speak up. Use the @ Campaigns
























5. Refute Left Wing lies - ISIS is not islam and Isam is Peace The Left attempts to excuse moslem killers by claiming ISIS is not islam. Use the Following material:




To Refute the Liberalist lie “Islam is peace” #‎islamCULTofDeathNotPeace‬



























6. Expose Liberalists to the truth of islam and mohammed

    with the material in these links:

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