The Leftist mindset (in all its versions) is the largest inhibitor that we face in this fight against islam and for our country. Leftist mindsets are the facilitators for islam worldwide and a great many other non-sensical social problems. 
Whilst many leftists that we meet sit at different positions to each other along the political spectrum due to variances in their own personal influences/values/degree of brainwashing- it is important to investigate and note the root sources (socialist movements) that work very hard to achieve indoctrination within the masses through many corrupted platforms (such as media, educational institutions, workplaces) and the PC mechanisms with which they achieve it (blatant deceitful journalism, curriculum bias, law-fare such as 18C) 
The fruits of this labour can be seen in the common elements that most Leftists share such as: 

  • intense dislike for conservative western governments

  • intense dislike for patriotism

  • support for globalisation/forced multiculturalism

  • undermining of western nations sovereignty

  • support for restrictions to free speech

  • racist against whites.

  • Will apply victim status to minority groups regardless of the facts.

  • use of mislabels & made up words to deflect away from their ignorant lack of facts/rationale. 

e.g. "racist" "nazi" "islamophobic" "homophobic" etc..


We have a traitor within our shores and it comes from the Left. Women, gays and animal welfare activists be warned: your Left Wing political champion is now in fact enabling the erosion of every right they have fought for by accepting Islam at face value!

If the liberal left supported the Western World, “as it did in World War II and the Korean War, Islamism would be far weaker, and the world would be a much better place”. However the world's Left, and Left-leaning media, have created a more friendly world for anti-West hatreds like communism and Islamism to flourish. Political correctness has hamstrung western world leaders from speaking up against Islam and this has resulted in Islam being given an underserved privileged status that has assisted its spread.

Unfortunately this liberal left where such movements as: Animal Welfare Activists, the Gay Movement and the Feminist Movement have their Roots, is now in bed with the Islamic Ideology. Islam is an ideology that by its own book, the Qur'an, advocates that women are second class citizens.  In Islamic countries homosexuals are killed and Islam is barbaric in the area of animal welfare. The halal slaughter method and Islam's treatment of dogs are just two examples.       

To stop the spread and influence of Islam, the Anti-Islam Movement must open up the eyes of Liberalists to the truth of Islam.  Challenging and breaking the silence of vocal and powerful activist movements such as the Feminist Movement, the Gay Movement and Animal Welfare groups will be a powerful step in awakening  Liberalists (Centre Left Wing) to the very real threat that Islam is to this Nation and its future generations. 


With the awakening of the Liberalists, the war against Islam will be won. It will be political suicide for both the Major parties (Liberal/National Coalition and Labor) not to listen to the voice of the vast majority.


By bringing the Left Wing Liberalists on side to support the Conservative Right, as they were in World War 2 and Korea, our politicians will be forced to listen to the power of the people and act on such things as the Points outlined in The Truthophobes Strategic Plan, thus defeating Islam.

The Truthophobes- Exposing the Truth About Islam Network and its Partnership Groups must engage the Liberal Left to join the forces of the Right in the fight against Islam.






















The Truthophobes Strategy to Engage the Liberal Left and Stand Against the Traitorous Left Wing Socialists 


  • Expose the Truth about Islam and its Crimes against Humanity.  Liberalists must learn the truth of what Islam is and awaken to the Religious masquerade that it hides behind.                                                                                                                      

  • Publicly Challenge the SILENCE against the Islamisation of this Nation by the Feminist Movement, the Gay Movement and Animal Welfare groups.                                                     Left Wing Activist groups must be challenged for their lack of voice for they are not standing up for the welfare of the people or causes that they represent

  • Expose and confront the Cultural Marxist agenda with strategically designed #Campaigns which expose the lies and tactics of the Left and which will awaken the people of this nation to the true agenda of Cultural Marxists, as they attempt destroy our  Western democractic nation to replace it with a communist utopia


  • Challenge the left controlled media as they promote their agendas rather than report the news as it should be.                                                                                                                             


         The Sub Group - Truthophobes: Left Wing Agenda Attack is focusing on this area.  

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Additional Notes and References:“The world's left, and left-leaning media, have created a more friendly world for anti-American hatreds like communism and Islamism to flourish. It is no coincidence that modern Islamist terror started in 1968 - that era of late 1960s revolution that also gave birth to the IRA, ETA, and the 1970s terrorists. Marxist revolution was in the air then, and we are still living with the consequences of that time. Modern Islamism is utopian, international, anti-American - appealing to violent, idealistic young people. It is the heir of violent revolutionary communism. The Islamism attacking us was born not centuries ago but rather in the revolutionary 1960s and 1970s, and is kept alive by the constant anti-Americanism spread by the media throughout the world, not least in Ireland. It has intellectual origins in the western left and is supported by the western left. See for example the fact that Michael Moore's book encouraged the Bali bombers. In summary, the marxist left could be said to be the origin of modern Islamism as much as ancient Islam is”.(…/