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One of the most fundamental pillars of democratic society is the right to free speech. 


“Without free speech no search for Truth is possible; without free speech no discovery of Truth is useful; without free speech, progress is checked, and the nations no longer march forward towards the nobler life which the future holds for man,”   Charles Bradlaugh 1880


The Left and Islam are Truthophobes as they fear the truth. This is why the tactics of both the Left and Islam are to silence free speech. “The truth will set you free” and free speech is the weapon to defeat both political ideologies with the truth. 


Liberals tend to think of themselves as open-minded and supportive of free speech. Liberals are supposed to believe in protecting minority views, even when they disapprove of those views.


This is no longer the case as many Liberals use intimidation and harassment to silence dissenting voices. The freedom to express oneself has become a controversial issue, with some people now seeing taking a pro-freedom stance on speech as evidence that one is somehow a right-winger.


The Following are Tactics the Left and Islam Employ




  • Name calling - racist, fascist, bigot, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, Islamophobe, Nazi are terms to silence free speech


  • Protesting and putting pressure on organisations to ban people from speaking up against the Marxist, Globalist and Islamic agenda


  • Shunning by peers and removing people from their job for having a dissenting view are other tactics the left employ to silence the truth.


Pushing someone out of his job for dissenting on an issue that has nothing to do with the mission of the company and then portraying the purge as a “free” conversation that boosted humanity is creepily Orwellian.


The more success the illiberal left has in terrorizing people who express dissenting views, the fewer objections there will be. Most people understandably just want to do their jobs and support their families. Given the choice between being shunned by their peers or losing their job for a personal view, they will almost always choose silence over confrontation.

Truthophobes Aims and Objectives
Truthophobes Objective 1



"Challenge/Awaken Liberalists and empower Conservatives to speak up and both unite as a powerful force against the attack on Western countries by Globalists, Marxists and Islam, which threaten a nations sovereignty, freedoms, values, culture and the safety of the people".

A bigot is "strongly partial to his own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ." A Christian, for example, who is intolerant of anyone who is not a Christian, is a bigot. Or anyone who is Chinese and intolerant of anyone who is not Chinese, is a bigot.

If the group to which you are partial is your race, then bigotry is the same as racism. There are definitely people trying to stop Islam's relentless encroachmentwho are motivated by bigotry. But criticism of Islamic doctrine is not bigotry.

Criticism of Islamic teachings is simply religious criticism, which is a perfectly legitimate and worthwhile thing to do in a free country. If I told you that in Buddhism they believe the source of human suffering is the grasping nature of the mind, is that bigotry? Even if I said I think that might be too simplistic and that there may be other causes of suffering, is that bigotry?

No, that's simply discussing religious texts.

And if I say the Quran says (91 times) that Mohammad is a good example of human behavior, is that bigotry? No. Even if I say I don't like that because the historical records of Mohammad's actions aren't something I want to see emulated, is that bigotry? No. We're just talking about a religious text and history.

And if a Muslim says he believes Jews are evil and should be destroyed, is that bigotry? Yes, it is. But what if he says "it must be true, it says so in the Quran," is it still bigotry? Yes. And if I say I don't like that about the Quran, is that bigotry? No. What if I say all Muslims are evil, is that bigotry? Yes. Get the difference?

The reason it seems to many people that anyone criticizing Islam is a bigot is because some bigots have, in fact, criticized Islam. But criticizing Islam, or any religion, does not make anyone a bigot.


Learning more about Islam can help prevent bigotry and racism. Here's how that works:Prevent Bigotry and Racism.

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