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In 1915 the ANZAC's landed at Gallipoli to face a hail of bullets and shell fire as they bravely fought against the odds and secured a beachhead.


In 2016 we face an enemy of left wing politically correct fools and moslems with slogans of "islamophobia, racist and bigot".
We face politicians that represent their own interests and not the welfare of this nation.


We must stand up 
We must not be silenced 
We must speak up and advocate that islam be reclassified to the ideology/cult that it is.
We must vote out politicians that don't listen to the people

We must stop the islamisation of this nation


View the Battle Plan!2016-patriots-strike-back/g8j7u


Now is the time for Action


A message to our youth.


if you want adventure and serve in the military, ignore what you have learnt about islam at school and university.


islamic soldiers are not brave or to be respected. They murder innocent people and rape and abuse women, turning them into sex slaves.


If you want to be in the military, serve in an army that protects people and the freedom that we enjoy.


From the the Boar War and that heroic landing on the 25th April 1915 our soldiers have served this nation with distinction.

This is the army you should join. Not the cult of murdering cowards.


Quran (8:12) - "I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them" 

No reasonable person would interpret this to mean a spiritual struggle.


A message to share with our youth.


This is a real soldier.
As tough as nails but caring and making a positive difference.
Not a low life ISIS scumbag who murders and rapes.


If you want adventure don't be a traitor.
Join the Australian armed forces


What a wonderful opportunity as this day approaches to talk with family, friends and work colleagues about the wonderful country we have, the many achievements we can be proud of and the personal sacrifices so that we are the land of the free.


The left try to take away our love and pride for this country. This is a deliberate tactic by the left wing traitors. If you take away a persons pride in something they won't defend it.

Just recently we have witnessed this with the left trying to change our history to one of shame in that Captain James Cook now "invaded" Australia, he didn't discover it.


This left wing tactic will eventually change Australia Day and ANZAC day will become less significant as it will be seen as offensive to moslems.




Parents and grandparents are far more influential on young people's lives than the left wing teachers and lecturers in our education systems, who attempt to corrupt children's minds with Liberalist ideals and sympathy to islam.


Lets show how we are proud of our country and its history.
- Share about this wonderful country to our youth and why we must

  stand up against left wing traitors and islam.

- If you haven't already, take your children/grandchildren to the War

  Memorial in Canberra.

- Plan to attend an ANZAC service.


                        Future generations are counting on you

Lest We Forget


So many brave women served to fight against evil.


Now we have a traitor in parliament serving evil.


Just like the "White mouse" who was on the German's most wanted list, ALL women must stand up and fight against the islamisation of this country.


The Feminist movement with its left wing traitorous views will not be your voice. It is up to good honest women to take the stage and speak up against islam and protect women's rights.



We remember those who have served and those who died defending this nation. A defence force with a history we can be proud of since the Boar War of 1899, as it has helped protect and care for people across the world.

The mosque that Insults a Nation

Learn more about how dangerous mosques are and speak up!mosques/mpaz0

"Not to Act, is to Act"

A very good meme not produced by the Truthophobes


"Left activists have run out of issues on which to campaign — turning instead to “widespread cultural change” as a way of achieving their goals".

Mark Latham


Our soldiers didn't fight for us to give up the country, by not speaking up against Left Wing activists, who ride on the back of islam to achieve their treasonous agenda.

We must speak up against evil and never be afraid to do so.

      "Not to Act, is to Act"


An Excellent article on Political Correctness. Mark Latham can be a complete goose but he nails this must read article

Political correctness is a strain in our national life

In honour of the women in our history who have served this country in many ways both overseas and at home so that evil could be defeated.


Women have played a major role in defeating EVIL.


islam is that EVIL and whilst many women are speaking up against islam, it is time that the powerful Feminist Movement stood up against the cult of mohammed that oppresses, abuses and murderers innocent women across the world.


Corrupted by left wing agendas and silenced by the left wing gag of political correctness the Feminist Movement has forgotten what it was formed for - the welfare of women.


Please expose and challenge the Feminist Movement to to be a powerful force against islam by sharing this link WHERE IS THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT?


To learn more about islam's abuse of women go to the ‪#‎islamoMISOGYNY‬blog





Australian's are starting to Stand up
and moslems should keep their bloody head down.


One week to ANZAC day and should their be any protest from moslems about this most special day in our history we must flood the media and our politicians with protests.


Who cares if our culture and history offends moslems.

@truthophobes Twitter
"Lives lost in vain if Islam is allowed to conquer. Time We fight back.
We don't have to storm a beach, just speak up"


All we have to do is share the truth about Islam.


Are you standing up and doing your bit for your country?


Please share the truth of the Evils of islam.


"The Truth will set you free"


These young men must not be allowed to have died in vain.


The Victoria Cross is the highest Australian award for acts of bravery in wartime. 100 Australians have been awarded this honour, many posthumously.

Cast in bronze from cannons captured during the Crimean War (1854-1856), it is awarded to persons who, in the presence of the enemy, display the most conspicuous gallantry; a daring or pre-eminent act of valour or self-sacrifice; or extreme devotion to duty.


Captain Alfred John
1st Australian Infantry Battalion, AIF
9 August 1915, at Lone Pine Trenches, Gallipoli Peninsular
( Posthumous Award )

CITATION: For most conspicuous bravery at Lone Pine Trenches, in the Gallipoli Peninsular. On the morning of 9 August, 1915, with a small party, Captain Shout charged down trenches strongly occupied by the enemy, and personally threw four bombs among them, killing eight and routing the remainder. In the afternoon of the same day, from the position gained in the morning, he captured a further length of trench under similar conditions and continued personally to bomb the enemy at close range, under very heavy fire, until he was severely wounded, losing his right hand and left eye. This most gallant officer has since succumbed to his injuries.

( London Gazette 15 October 1915. )


Captain Shout VC died fighting to protect Freedom.


Lest we Forget

We must not tolerate islam's lack of respect for Western values, our history and our fallen.

Scumbags such as this should be hunted down anywhere in the world.

ANZAC Day is for all Australians (refer to below article), so keep your bloody head down moslems and show respect to our fallen. If you can receive your welfare payment, you can also respect the fallen who died protecting freedom.

ANZAC Day is not for Muslims posted April 2013


Today is ANZAC Day, 25th April and we remember those who went to war and never returned. We remember those who answered the call and stood up to do their duty for the nation.


Just over 102000 Australian soldiers lost their life protecting freedom. They faced bullets, artillery shells and horrendous conditions.


We face the attacks of islam and the traitors of the left using political correctness as their attack.


We are not at risk of dying, however our children and grandchildren will die because of islam if we do not stand up and fight against EVIL like those before us.


We have it much easier than our ANZACS. All we must do is stand up and speak out against islam. It is our Duty.


Lest We Forget.


We salute all who have served our great nation as we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, so we can live in freedom.


This will never be forgotten.


Each day the Truthophobes Group stands against Marxists & islam, so the loss of young lives wasn’t in vain.



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