LETTER Sent to the AFL


Subject - AFL must be apolitical if you don't want a backlash from fans

13 April, 2016.
RE: The AFL (Australian Football League)


Dear xyz

I would like to express my concerns regarding the AFL involving itself in the political debate regarding the refugee issue.
What is even worse is that the AFL feels that it has the right to quash free speech when fans object to the AFL stepping beyond what it is meant to do - run a sporting competition.


If the AFL wants to promote political statements at games, it must concede that the fans have the right of free speech to respond; and not be dictated to by an organisation stepping beyond what it was formed to do. AFL is a “footy” game and when people go to the “footy”, we don't want to have the establishment telling us how we should behave towards refugees.


If you want to be political, please be consistent. South Africa was banned from world sport because of apartheid. Moslem countries are committing crimes against humanity such as murdering Christians, hanging homosexuals and stoning innocent women to death as honour killings.


The AFL is taking money in sponsorship from countries where these crimes against humanity are being committed. If the AFL is going to involve itself in political matters, please stop clubs being sponsored by organisations from countries that commit barbaric crimes against humanity.


In conclusion I strongly suggest that the AFL remain apolitical and focus on what it was meant to be - a sporting organisation.


Yours Sincerely,

Concerned Citizen