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"To anger a conservative, lie to him. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth." 

The TERM LIBERALIST must not be confused with the Liberal Party of Australia.

A LIBERALIST stands for Liberty and Equality, what a joke that Liberalists support the islamic cult, that abuses women and kills gays. 
This is why Liberalists are commonly referred to as Libtards because there thinking is quite retarded. 

A Liberalist is traditionally the Centre Left of Politics which in Australia includes the Left wing of the Coalition (Liberal/Nationals) but is mainly made up of the Right and Centre of the Labor Party 

Left Wing Traitors to this nation are the Left Wing of the Labor Party and THE GREENS. 

PM Malcom Turnbull and Mike Baird (NSW Premier) are in bed with islam as Liberalists. 

Excluding some Patriotic Conservatives (ie Right Wing of the Coalition) such as Cory Bernardi(Liberals) and George Christensen(Nationals) who stand up to islam, the Left Wing of the Liberal Party, the Labor Party and the Greens need to be smashed at the 2016 election and the Senate controlled by the Anti-islam movement. 

This is the only way we can save our country.

Ps Apologies in advance should the use of the word "retarded" offend you if you have a loved one who is learning impaired.

Why don't liberals 

talk about islam's 

brutal  treatment 

of  homosexuals?

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