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1.   Protect Western values and freedoms from the strategies of islam, Cultural                      Marxism and Globalism that attack Western Civilisation.



2.   Expose the Globalist agenda of the International New World Order, detrimental                to our nations sovereignty. 



3.   Expose mohammed's character and the contents of the 3 books of islam.



4.   Expose islam's crimes against humanity.



5.   Advocate islam to be reclassified from a religion to a political movement with                   religious aspects, taking away its protection under the Australian Constitution.



6.   Exclude islam in its current form as it is “unsuitable” for Australian society. 


7.   Awaken Liberalists to the Cultural Marxist political agenda which opposes the                  Liberalist principles of liberty and equality.


islam reclassified to a political ideology with religious aspects
islam is evil

 Application of Objectives to islam


Objective 1

Remove political figures and organisations who guard the wicked tree of islam and fertilise it, thus

enabling islam’s rapid growth


Marxists support the growth of islam as a tool to destroy Western nations, by cutting the                  Judeo-Christian roots they are founded on via “a long march through the institutions.



Objective 2

Stop the shower of International support which helps the Wicked Tree of islam to grow.



Objective 3

Poison the Roots of the 'Wicked Tree of Islam.

moslems emulate mohammed and act on his evil teachings. 



Objective 4

Weaken the 'Wicked Tree of Islam' by cutting its evil branches ie killing of homosexuals,                  abusive treatment of women, cruelty to animals, killing of people of other religions, killing of moslems who want to leave Islam and other barbaric behaviours of Islam



Objective 5

Cut down the noxious (invasive) 'Wicked Tree of islam' at the trunk



Objective 6

Dig the Wicked Tree of islam up at the roots and burn it.


islam through its quran and various religious texts is incompatible with Australian law. A religion          incompatible with Australian law must not be protected by religious freedom and must be exclude from Australian society.


Objective 7

Awaken Liberalists who guard the wicked tree of islam and fertilise it, thus enabling islam’s rapid growth


Cultural Marxism


Click on the picture of an objective below and you can access tasks that work towards achieving the objective.


Action tasks focused on working towards achieving an identified strategic objective have been developed to assist people to stand up against the evils of islam, Cultural Marxism and Globalism


Be a patriot of action, use and adapt these tasks to make a significant difference.

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