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Awaken people to the truth about Cultural Marxism and its attack on the West as it creeps through institutions and all areas of life, threatening the welfare of future generations with a Communist utopia the end goal

To achieve Objective 1 and target the Focus Area
Expose and shame the Feminist, Movement. A Movement now hijacked by Cultural Marxism, having abandoned the women they once represented as they apply "Critical Theoryto support the Marxist political agenda (ie, islam, homosexuality, hatred to white males) 



Action Tasks and Truthophobes  #Campaigns have been developed to implement the Truthophobes Strategic Plan with the objective of awakening people to Cultural Marxism by exposing and shaming Movements such as the radical feminist movement. 

Be a Patriot of Action and help implement

the plan

Modern Neoliberal/ Socialist feminism Kills Children

A picture taken by a worker from a hospital incinerator waste, who against regulations took photos of the horrors and realities to post on the internet, and to show people the truth about late term pro abortion that’s being allowed by neoliberal policy makers and extreme feminists.

Look at what these hardcore literal feminazism promote! pro late abortion.

   (Please Be warned of a disturbing image)

They would rather reject condoms for selfish sexual sensation, than the rejection of little living human beings this late in term.


Promoting abortion this late is not normal.

These people are freaks of our humanity, they aren’t the humanitarians they claim to be. They are the degradation of family, love and relationships.

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