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There is NO such thing as a moderate moslem

The “moderate” site of islam:
There is NO “moderate islam” in the mosques.
There is NO “moderate islam” in the koran, the sira or the hadith.
There is NO “moderate islam” in Mecca.
There is NO “moderate islam” in ANY muslim dominated country.

If you want to find a “moderate islam” follow the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, browse the NEWSPAPERS after a terrorist attack, or listen to all those POLITICIANS who keep insisting islam is “a religion of peace” but have NEVER EVEN READ THE KORAN and KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT ISLAM.


And like all myths it exists only in the imagination of those who tell the stories.

Bill Warner, PhD: Minimal Muslims

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Published on 4 Jun 2014

What does it mean if a Muslim says that they are not extremist, but just practice the Five Pillars?

The stupidity of assuming that there is such a thing as “Moderate Islam” is just mind boggling. The evidence is glaringly obvious from the progression of Islam in other countries. “Moderate” is nothing more than a deceptive taqiyya tactic to get a foothold in a country. Genuinely moderate people do leave this organisation, failing to do so makes them complicit to every atrocity carried out in the name of Allah. There is only one Quran and only one, unambiguous interpretation of it, the rest of it is all taqiyya deception.

Just because you know a nice little moslem down the road doesn't mean that islam is nice. Even mohammed was nice when he lived in Mecca. 

People fooled by nice little moslems they know is putting this nation at future risk, as when lots of nice moslems get together they turn nasty.

History supports this, as mohammed turned into the barbaric psychopathic murderer that he was once hebecame powerful in Medina. In Europe now the nice moslems have taken over area's of countries such as France and made them no go areas where Sharia rules.

islam is the EVIL of our time.
Their is nothing nice about islam

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