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If the Pope had said this every Catholic Church in the country would be raided and searched for weapons.

What would be found in mosques around the country if the police did their job and had warrant's to search?

"A mosque is the symbol of the establishment of an Islamic authority, and an announcement of the beginning of the “rightful restoration” of the land according to Islamic claims that the “whole world is a mosque,” and is echoed in Muhammad’s words, “the whole earth has been declared unto me a mosque.” Therefore it is a matter of “restoring” rather than “claiming” the land to Islam, as any land not in current submission is at virtual war with Islam, and must be brought “back” according to the Qur’anic version of history."

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What is a mosque?


The mosque is not the same as a church or a temple or a synagogue. Its role reflects the claim by islam to be a whole of life system that goes well beyond the non-moslem concept of religion.


Cultural relativism prevents us from understanding the meaning of islam and the mosque. islamic spokes men won't tell us, and the media fail to inform us. The mosque leadership institutes, authorises and directs all islamic activity - economic, social, legal, cultural, religious, educational and above all, political.


The role of the mosque in the west was spelled out by the late king Fahd of Saudi Arabia, in his book 'The Efforts of the Servant of the Two Holy Places, King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz, to support the moslem Minorities', as to be:

“A place to hinder assimilation of moslemss into western society so they can act as a fifth column to bring victory against an infidel world.” 

Side effects of a mosque


Let’s now look at some of the side effects of a mosque.


One of the problems with a mosque is traffic congestion, parking blight and blocking of streets, preventing access to private properties.


But there are social impacts too; that arise from the teachings of the mosques.


Muslim men are taught to despise non-Muslim women, which endangers them and condones rape.


Islamic doctrine as taught in mosques encourages an exploitative attitude toward nonMuslims, leading to criminal behaviour.


Mosques engender areas of strong Muslim concentration, and experience from Europe shows that no-go areas appear where non-Muslims are unsafe and which are outside the control of local police.


France alone has 727 of these “sensitive zones”. In Norway, police have lost control of Grønland, a Muslim ghetto in Oslo. Sweden – calamitously tolerant to Islam - has emerged as the rape capital of Europe. Many of these rapes are accompanied by extreme violence.

No more mosques they feed the growth of radical moslems


Time for the building of Mosque’s to stop as they feed the growth of radical Moslems.


In Australia I am sure there are across every State enough places of worship for the moslems living in this country. Do we need any more buildings where future radicals and potential terrorists can be spawned?


Australians should stand up against the building of a mosque’ in there local area.


In Australia we have Vietnamese towns, Italian towns, Greek towns, Chinatown and so on. It is therefore quite normal to see the creation of moslem suburbs. Australians living in a foreign land would gather together in exactly the same manner.


Once we have a moslem dominated suburb, with a mosque that is teaching things totally foreign to Australian society and values, it is inevitable that some will become radicalised. They are taught things totally foreign to our ways and learn that the law of Australia does not fit the idealised and utopian moslem society proclaimed in the mosque.


A longing for a society dominated by Sharia Law is created. It is an idealistic dream. None of them have ever lived in such a society, and it all sounds so wonderful. “Sharia must be much better than Australian law and we must have it” becomes the mindset.


Into this fertilised ground the seeds of jihad are sown and watered. Before long it brings forth one hundred fold with multitudes of rebellious jihadi spirits running loose and all of them are wondering just what they can do to advance their cause. This, dear reader, is one of the many blessings of a multicultural society!


The radicals demands are endless and insatiable. Whatever they may want, they will get because the multi-cultural political guru’s will cave in to them every time. If non-activist moslems live in that area, and speak out against the actions of the radicals, then trouble will fall on their head, and quickly.

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“Friday nights a great night 4 footy. But guess what some moslems get up to"

Mosques and massacres: Western leaders need to start paying attention



“Hey Batman I wonder if the moslems will notice us spying on there Friday night jihad


It is time more people stood up and took mosque building seriously.



moslems intend to build a mosque every 3km (2 miles) across this nation.

                                         (Please click on the above link)



“A place to hinder assimilation of muslims into western society so they can act as a fifth column to bring victory against an infidelworld.” 
the late King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz



Send a MyWill Letter to your Federal MP and local council





Strategic Planning of mosques

 (Please click on the above link)


" Of the new islamic fortresses (mosques) initiated this year 100% are 0-10km from an airport/airfield/RAAF base—and no one finds this is suspicious and worth ASIOs attention instead of the Local Councils rubber stamp?”



The Only way mosque building can be stopped is to have islam reclassified to the Ideology/Cult that it is, so that islam loses its religious protection by our Constitution. 

To find out if one of these cement fortresses is coming to spread evil to your area please go to the following Face Book Page


Mosques of Australia


"Not to act, is to act"

YOU must speak up 



The mosque that Insults a Nation

Evidence mosques are breeding grounds for Terrorism


Sermon Montpellier mosque hours before Paris attacks

(Whilst the truth is being hidden still please click on the link)








Points in video to take note of:

  • Need for islam to unite across borders and complaints of West trying to separate them by trying to keep borders of countries intact.

  • Need for moslems to act (he condemns their apathy) and rise up against war in Middle East- particularly Syria ( remember announcement by terrorist in Paris)


  • The call to the adolescents by this Imam to encourage moslems to get into politics of the west by western means claiming that one day moslems would rule France and other European nations.

If that isn't incitement to commit retaliation attacks for Syria and also a call to political insurrection of Europe, then what is???? Please share this widely in emails and private message before it gets pulled off YouTube!

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All mosques are modelled after the first mosque built by mohammed in Medina.


  • It was in this first mosque that the first fatwas were issued.

  • It was here that jihad operations were discussed, directed and its commanders appointed.

  • It was here that jihad was proclaimed and from here the Muslim armies were sent to conquer the world.

  • It was here where the Islamic Shariah unfolded- where permitting and forbidding were declared.

  • Saddest of all, it was here where death sentences were issued to those who had opposed Mohammed or had spoken of him unfavourably, and from here the ardent soldiers set off to implement those death sentences.

  • Finally, it was from this mosque that Muslim armies marched out to conquer and thus change the face of the world!


Reference - Belteshazzar &Abednego


Undercover Mosque- Dispatches (Essential Viewing!)








Here's a quote from the Australian Islamic mosque preacher in the video: Sheik Fayz Mohammed

"The peak, the pinnacle, the highest crest, the summit of Islam is jihad"
"We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam."
"Teach them this, that there is nothing more beloved to me than wanting to die as a mujahideen. Put in their soft, tender hearts the ZEAL OF JIHAD and a LOVE OF MARTYRDOM"

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THe ammended plans for the Sth Hurstville mosque. Most of it underground. 

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