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For too long, we the people have given our politicians too much power. They have abused this power and played games with it - 5 Prime Ministers in 5 years - 

I rest my case.


It is time that the voice of the people was heard and our concerns regarding the Islamisation of this nation were communicated directly to Politicians.


Please Speak Up and express your will for this nation ("mywill")


We must all be reminded that:
"The whole system of parliament, and the sole reason for its existence, is to make the laws for the people, with the clear Implication that those laws will reflect the Will of the people on the subject matter of those laws"


All Australians should read the following Book YOUR WILL BE DONE by Arthur A Chresby


"This Book has been written to show the Australian People what their true Constitutional powers are, and how they can lawfully use those powers to obtain the results they want their elected parliamentarians to produce"
The Contents of this book will hold up in Court.

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