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Use or adapt this detailed letter and be a voice against the misuse of taxpayers money to employ a rude disrespectful moslem woman, who will be hosting a hijab show which promotes islam and supports the Cultural Marxist Political Agenda



Dear Senator Mitch Fifield 
Minister for Communications


I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before parliament, or that should come before parliament.


IT IS MY WILL that you take immediate action to: 
- Stop the ABC showing the program Hijabistas!
- Remove anti-Australian moslem activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied from employment by the ABC.
- Stop taxpayer funding of the biased left-wing Cultural Marxist ABC.


Why Senator is the ABC showing a program promoting the hijab as a fashion statement when anyone with knowledge of islam knows the hijab is in fact a political statement expressing the dominance of sharia?


moslem women have been killed for taking a stance against the wearing of the hijab. Meanwhile, the ABC will be misrepresenting the hijab as a fashion statement, showing no respect to women in islamic countries standing against the oppression of women that the hijab also represents.


The hijab insults western women's freedom and liberty and assumes all men are sexual deviants-- paradoxically creating a Eastern male entitled mindset that less covered women deserved to be raped.


The ABC must not show a program, which falsely portrays the hijab as an islamic fashion statement. The ABC should be producing a program to expose and stand up against islam's killing, abuse and oppression of women. This will never happen as the ABC is biased to producing material supporting identified Cultural Marxist oppressed groups. Islam is at the top of the hierarchy of oppressed groups, thus making it an untouchable for the left wing ABC to challenge and expose.


It is My Will the show Hijabistas! be pulled from production and any episodes produced never shown.


Why has the ABC re-employed Yassmin Abdel-Magied to host the show? Abdel-Magied insulted this nation and those who bravely served this country with her ANZAC Day taunts in 2017. Further, in 2017 she attacked our democratic way of government and lied with her comments how Islam is "the most feminist religion." Ignoring the fact the quran permits moslem men to beat their wives.


Even more of a concern is Abdel-Magied's links with Hizb ut-tahrir. As you would be aware Senator, after public outcry of Abdel-Magied’s insults to our ANZAC’s, she turned to Hizb ut-Tahrir for advice. A group banned in many countries as it campaigns for a pan-Islamic superstate that implements sharia and has a constitution which calls for the killing of ex-moslems.


Yassmin Abdel Magied is an islamic activist who is Anti Australian and has insulted many Australians with her taunts. Taxpayers must not be funding her views that are at odds with this nation. It is My Will she be removed from employment from the ABC and never again be given employment from a government agency.


The ABC has gone too far with this Hijabistas! program and has exposed itself clearly as a biased broadcaster to further the advancement of islam to help support the Marxist political agenda.


As a hard-working Australian who has no issue paying taxes to help this country function, I have a serious issue with my taxes paying for the ABC to promote the political islamic ideology to support the Marxist political agenda, which uses the growth of islam in Australia to cause unrest and culture change.


The ABC is not a National Broadcaster promoting Australian values and democracy. It is My Will the ABC have its funds cut so it can’t produce programs detrimental to the welfare of Australia.

Senator, I do request a response to this letter as it deals with serious issues that must be addressed.

Yours faithfully
(signed with your full name, address and date, as legal evidence that you are a constituent).


Email address the Australian Minister for Communications (Sen Mitch Fifield)

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