​MY WILL ​​​- Investigate Islamic Child Sexual Abuse

SUBJECT Royal Commissions failure to investigate Islamic Child Sexual Abuse


Dear Prime Minister
I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before parliament, or that should come before parliament.
IT IS MY WILL that you take immediate action to address the issue of the failure of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse to inquire into Islam.

The Royal Commission investigated Catholics, Anglicans, Pentecostals, Jewish, Jehovah’s Witnesses, obscure cults, sporting groups, the entertainment industry. It published no information on sexual abuses against children within Islam, the third largest religion in Australia.

Why did the Royal Commission deliberately avoid any investigation into Islamic institutions?  What is your government going to do about this Prime Minister?
Or has your government chosen to turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse of Moslem children in fear of upsetting Islam? 

Your government by failing to follow up and take action on the Royal Commissions omission to investigate child sexual abuse in Islam sends the message that there is one rule for Moslems and another for the rest. 

Forced Child marriage, female genital mutilation and child sex are all part of Islam. The prophet Mohammed married a sex year old and had sex with her when she was only nine years old. Moslems are told 91 times in the Quran to emulate the actions of Mohammed. The sexual abuse of children by Moslems is happening in Australia as members of the Islamic community place Sharia above Australian law and act on the Quran emulating the actions of Mohammed the perfect Moslem.   

All children in Australia must be treated equally and fairly which means to protect them, to protect their innocence, and their rights and their well-being. The Royal Commission by not investigating Islamic abuse has failed to protect Moslem children from being sexually abused.

Your government must protect Western values and enforce that people living in our country adhere to the values and laws of Australia. Moslems must be not exempt and it is MY WILL that a Royal Commission be held to inquire into Child Sexual Abuse in Islam.

I respectfully request a reply to this important letter. 

Yours faithfully
(signed with your full name, address and date, as legal evidence that you are a constituent).


Address for the Prime Minister of Australia


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