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CALL TO ACTION  Stop the funding of Islamic expansion by terrorist groups and countries that commit barbaric crimes against women.

Please send this letter with the Subject title "My Will" to Politicians at all levels of Government - Federal, State and Local.
(Registered Post is the Best method)

To The Honourable Member

I understand as a voter and Australian citizen it is my duty to inform you of my will.

My will is that you will not let Terrorist organizations fund the building of mosques or any other construction that will assist with the Islamisation of this country ( ie Islamic Schools).  It is my will that money from moslem countries that commit barbaric crimes against women and other crimes against humanity, is not permitted to be used to fund the expansion of islam in Australia.  

Hamas is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION as you know. Organisations like this are 100% involved in building mosque's. 

Saudi Arabia is not only well known for its crimes against humanity but its financing of the Islamisation of the world, through the building of mosques.  Saudi Arabia is expanding its own power into the West through the influence it has in the running of these cement fortressess that it finances.

Mosque's are 100% responsible to collect Zakat to fund ALL Islamic groups. In the Qur'an it is clearly stated that ALL MUSLIMS MUST PAY ZAKAT.It is the mosque's sole duty to collect the money & hand over to jihadists. Waging jihad is 100% demanded in the Qur'an against non-believers.

As a Federal politician you have a responsibility to stand up for the welfare of this nation and its people.  The building of mosques across our nation is putting Australians at risk, both now and in the future.

Yours Sincerely


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