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No more taxpayer’s dollars to support the Cocos Islands until they fly the Australian Flag

CALL TO ACTION – No more taxpayer’s dollars to support the Cocos Islands until they fly the Australian Flag


Please write a MyWill Letter to the Governor General, Prime Minister, Senator Corey Bernardi and your Federal MP


Dear (Politicians Name)


I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before Parliament, or should come before Parliament.


It is MY WILL that you take immediate action to have the Australian flag established as the official flag of the Cocos Islands, replacing the current flag that represents and honours islam.


It is MY Will that funding for mosques in Australia by islamic countries cease immediately, with a Senate inquiry held into the effects and the future potential effects of mosques on this country.


The Cocos Islands are a remote territory of Australia funded by Australian taxpayers dollars and no symbol of islam should be present on the flag.


It is wrong that taxpayers money to the tune of “$37 million to maintain health, education, communication and airline services, and that is on top of a dole bill that runs into the millions each year” is being spent to support the occupants of this island paradise and they don’t fly the Australian Flag.


As the Cocos Islands has a large moslem population, it is MY WILL that no more foreign dollars from countries such as Saudi Arabia be permitted to finance the building of mosques in Australia.  If Saudi Arabia wants to help moslems in Australia, they can support the people of the Cocos Islands with dole payments and infrastructure costs. 


Only today did I become aware of this insult to our nation and The Truthophobes: Exposing the Truth about Islam Facebook Group will be making this a public issue.  What type of a government gives taxpayers money away to an Australian territory and allows that territory to fly a flag that honours Mecca and not Australia?


Please don’t insult me with a reply that the Cocos Island Flag honours Australia with the Southern Cross.  The Crescent moon of islam is the prominent symbol on the flag.


I would like a letter of response as to what you intend to do about this matter.


Yours faithfully
(signed with your full name, address and date, as legal evidence that you are a constituent).






Politicians Contact Details


Prime Minister


Governor General


Senator Cory Bernardi

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