MY WILL - Protect Children From Paedophilia

Dear Prime Minister, Senator, Federal / State Member of Parliament

Peter Dutton Minister for Home Affairs


I know that it is my duty to keep you informed of MY WILL on anything that comes before parliament, or that should come before parliament.


IT IS MY WILL you take immediate action to protect the innocence of young children from physical sexual abuse and mental abuse from child grooming programs, such as “Safe Schools”. Safe Schools and its various forms is a Marxist program with the potential to be indoctrinating children that paedophilia is acceptable if the State programs and implementation are not monitored.


It is My Will that a Bill is put before parliament for bipartisan support from both major parties and other minor parties and independents to vote supporting that:

  1. the age of consent of sixteen years will never be lowered in Australia.

  2. Australian law does not accommodate for cultural differences in any circumstances when it comes to the safety of children.

  3. Anyone found grooming children that adult/child sexual relations are acceptable will be charged.


The latest push from Cultural Marxist LGBT rainbow mob is “P” for paedophilia to be added and promoted as an acceptable human condition. A person engaging in sexual acts with little people who don’t understand what is going on is rape and must never be accepted.


Moslems are told in the Quran 91 times to emulate the actions of the perfect man, Mohammed. Regarding the rape epidemic in the United Kingdom, ashamedly the British government and authorities did very little to stop it. I expect all Australian politicians at Local, State and Federal level to protect children and ensure all Australian law enforcement agencies are applying the laws of the Land. No law enforcement agency to ignore the welfare and best interests of children to appease the Islamic ideology, religious groups or other Cultures of people including Aborigines.


It is My Will the innocence of children in Australia be protected from sexual predators and sexual indoctrination. It is my Will you instigate a Bill to parliament to ensure the protection of Australian Children now and in the future.  


I respectfully ask for a reply to this email letter



Yours faithfully

(signed with your full name, address and date, as legal evidence that you are a constituent).




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